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What people are saying about Theme Parks in Beijing

yu Published 254 days ago
✨The magic castle is the best in 4D. The overall style is like Harry Potter in the ring shadow, but not so scary. ✨The Adventures of Bear Haunt is similar to the Monster University in Disney. Shooting the screen in a small car. Boring, suitable for bringing children~ ✨The Leaping Limit is similar to Disney's Leaping the Horizon, the immersive leap world of 4D movies, but the effect is only 60 points to be honest, the resolution is very low, and I feel that after watching it for a long time, I will feel dizzy 😞 There is a lot of difference, but there are a lot of people in line for this project. Those who have not been to Disney can feel it. ✨Blue Earth feels like an ecological video with great educational significance~ Suitable for bringing children to increase knowledge, not terrible~ ✨The whole journey of Journey to the West Half-lying to enjoy the 360-degree 4d effect, to be honest, I recommend this project, the effect is not bad, with a strong Chinese style, you can bring your children to taste the masterpiece ✨The story of Nazha in the Crystal Palace is also watched by a car For small films, you can go in and take a break to see the story. The project of Conch Bay is mistaken. It is a giant screen 4d to watch small fish and crabs, which is very suitable for bringing children! ! Because it is very boring✨Eastern Shen Yun 360-degree surround screen movie tells the history of China for five thousand years, but there is a black screen inside. I hope you can fix it next time you go. It is a very educational film! Seeing the last 21st century, I almost cry now😝

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