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Enjoy a cultural and historical morning in Amritsar with a morning trip, accompanied by an English speaking guide. After a great breakfast of local cuisine in a roadside restaurant, or a dhaba, you head to the Golden Temple. This easily recognizable and key landmark of the city is the holiest gurdwara in the Sikh religion. Here, the faithful offer prayers and take a meal provided for free by the temples. You can offer prayers yourself and also visit the temple's mega kitchen to see these meals being created and served. Following this, you head to Jallianwala Bagh, a public garden with a somber history. This garden was made to commemorate the Jallianwala Bagh Massacre that took place right in Amritsar, when troops of the British army cut down participants of a peaceful protest. It serves as a grim reminder and something for you to reflect about at the end of your trip.
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Amritsar Golden Temple Night Ceremony Tour

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Visit the most sacred site in the Sikh religion: the great Golden Temple in Amritsar, India. This majestic structure can be seen throughout the skyline, shining in the light and resting by the water. This three hour tour, accompanied by an English speaking guide, allows you to discover the temple's history and its presence in the life of locals. Tour through its halls, hidden nooks, and secrets. Visit the largest community kitchen in the world, where thousands of meals are made every day for free. You'll even get the opportunity to work in the kitchen to learn how this kitchen makes a huge difference in the lives of the faithful that visit it daily.
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Amritsar Day Tour

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Explore the splendid sights and destinations in Amritsar while accompanied by an expert local guide who will allow you to learn so much more than what is on the surface of this beautiful city. From your hotel, you head first to the famous Golden Temple, one of the most vital structures and key landmarks in the city. As you offer prayers and witness how tea and bread are made in this sacred location, you’ll discover how it has come to be so revered as the holiest gurdwara in the Sikh religion. This is followed by a trip to Jallianwala Bagh, which is a sacred location for all different reasons: the historical events that this garden commemorates calls back to the infamous massacre that took place, under the troops of the British Indian Army. Then you head for the Wagah Border, where a sacred ceremony takes place every day. The lowering of flags here is considered a sacred practice between the two militaries that look after it. It is a somber and touching moment to witness and a great way to cap your tour.
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Amritsar is known as one of the best places for food in India. It's an absolute must-visit for any foodie looking to try the different variations between regional Indian foods. Visit the home of a local chef and enjoy dining on some authentic Amritsar dishes for yourself, such as the delicious Paneer Subzi with its creamy cottage cheese and assortment of fine spices. Curry lovers will enjoy the Dal Makhani, an aromatic blend made with lentils and rich with butter and cream. There's nothing like a meal with the Punbaji Makki Di Roti and Lachha Paratha, and even some long-grained rice if you're hungry for the staple food. After a number of dishes, your dining experience will be topped by delicious Kheer, an Indian rice pudding made of milk, sugar, rice, and exotic spices, which is an unforgettable taste. Enjoy the flavors of Amritsari cuisine and learn about the culture in one delicious taste.
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Amritsar Food Walk

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The blessed waters all around Amritsar has been said to grace the food it is made with in turn, so it's no surprise that the city is widely considered as a foodie's paradise. The rich array of meals and dishes that can be found in Amritsar is fit to satisfy any food lover and your English speaking guide will help you find the best places to find some of the local favorites. Visit a local dive to sample the Amritsari chole, a traditional Punjabi curry with white chickpeas. Stuff your face with equally stuffed Kulcha, or get it plain and use it to complement your meal. Do you love chutney? Tangy tamarind chutney is one of the specialties in the city. Wash your many scrumptious dishes and snacks with the most perfectly sweet lassi in town. It's a food tour of a lifetime right in Amritsar.
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What people are saying about Temples in Amritsar

Jerin Published 696 days ago
It was a good tour, the guide Mr Ajay was very knowledgeable about Amritsar town. We learned a lot about the history of the city and its importance in Punjab's society. We also visited the Partition museum near Golden Temple and the War Museum on the way to Wahah border. I highly recommend this your, though I suspect it can be priced a bit lower.

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