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What people are saying about Climbing in Macau

Paulina Published 471 days ago
I must say, this is a must when you travel to Macau. The view from above was really breathtaking. For those people that has fear in heights, it's a good place for you to conquer your fears. The glass floor is a bit scary especially when you look down but the whole experience was amazing. Of course this is made possible by klook for easy and hassle free booking transaction. I booked our ticket via klook at the time that we arrive at the place and everything was smooth.
Chun Sing Published 598 days ago
Entrance is at the basement of Macau tower building. Just show the ticketing staff your online booking and they will issue you a physical ticket. Very fast and simple however depending on the crowd on the day of visit. The ticket allows you to go level 58 and 61 of the tower. Level 61 is an outdoor area where the bungee jump and tower walk facilities are located. Level 58 is an indoor area with snacks and drinks are available. On the mezzanine level is a restaurant offering buffet and high tea.
Reymart SR Published 629 days ago
It is my first time to go up there thought it is my 3rd time in Macau. The view up there was amazing and wonderful. You can take picture while standing or seating on the glass floor in the 58th floor. It will make your knees shake especially if you have acrophobia. You can also buy Macau Tower postcard and send it back home. You can view the outdoor observatory on the 61st floor. It will only take less than a minute to reach the 58th floor. It was really worth it.
Mari Nicole Published 632 days ago
We easily claimed our tickets as the booth is located at the bottom of the tower and right before the elevators going to the top of the tower. We were able to see most of Macau as we stepped foot on top of the Macau tower. There’s a lot of spots to take photos from. There’s also other activities like bungee jumping, walking around the edge of the tower, etc. You can also take souvenir photos of those activities.
Abhishek Published 640 days ago
Must visit in Macau. The tallest tower and highest bungy jumping experience in Macau. There are lot of other activities like Sky walk etc. Although they are quite expensive. The observation lounge on 58th floor and outer observation deck at 61st floor are great. You can walk over see through glass and see cars and roads down on the ground level.
Grazielle Anne Published 669 days ago
Bought the ticket via Klook same time as we ate in the Macau Tower since we saw that it was cheaper via klook. At first I thought we won’t be allowed since we just bought the ticket minutes ago. But hey, approval was realtime. It is really an advantage having a klook app. You may compare prices on the spot.

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