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Gunma Sightseeing and Gourmet Trip from Tokyo

4.6 151 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Take a break from the concrete jungle of Tokyo and go on a sightseeing trip around the quaint and humble prefecture of Gunma. Much of your exploration will be around the city of Numata. You'll first visit the majestic Fukiware-no-taki Waterfalls, which is regarded as the Niagara Falls of East Asia. Revel in the tranquil atmosphere and meditate to the sounds of crashing water as you walk near the falls. After admiring an incredible natural wonder, you'll venture into the gorgeous Harada Farm where you'll delight in a scrumptious all-you-can-eat crab lunch buffet. After gorging yourself with tasty crab, you'll roam around the farm to go taste a variety of Muscat grape-based snacks and even pick some grapes. To cap off this wonderful tour, you'll drop by the town of Ikaho where you can shop around for trinkets to commemorate your trip and authentic Japanese snacks for you to munch on when you're back home. You can even take a refreshing foot bath in the town's hot springs to feel refreshed! This is a must for nature and food lovers.
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Sky Hop-On Hop-off Bus Pass

4.3 540 reviews | 10K+ Booked
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What people are saying about Sightseeing in Tokyo Prefecture

Arielle Danielle Anne Published 34 days ago
Ticked an item off my bucket list today — go on a dinner cruise. Ticket redemption was easy. Ship was so beautiful and staff were accommodating. Waiters will tell you which sight/landmark is currently visible. We saw Odaiba, DisneySea, Fujisan, etc. Food was yummy and our experience out at the deck was so fun! Worth the price.
Ondrea Published 102 days ago
Lovely cruise in the Tokyo Bay. Meal was delicious and staff was very friendly. One staff member in particular,spoke excellent English and was able to provide a great deal of information on the various landmarks along the way. He definitely made us feel comfortable and welcome. After dinner we walked up on higher deck to see the sights and upon returning to our deck, a beautiful singer provided a variety of songs to include Italian Opera!
Eleanor Published 646 days ago
This is a really fun experience! Hanada met me and my partner at the station and walked us round to a basement studio. We had one other person in our lesson who we didn’t know. We learnt different drumming patterns and then he taught us a short song. He was very patient with us and we had a great time - we even got to record our song at the end! We loved the lesson and it’s a great addition to a trip!
Jonathan Published 656 days ago
You'll meet Hanada outside FamilyMart at the south exit at Okubo station - it is just one stop up the JR Chūō-Sōbu line from Shinjuku station. He'll walk you 2 minutes up the road to a room you've got booked for an hour and teach you some taiko rhythms with two different taiko drums. Hanada is very friendly, very enthusiastic and if you're on Instagram, will probably throw you in his Story. It's certainly something different to most people's Tokyo trips!
PeiChen Published 662 days ago
The departure date is 2020/01/30. I bought a trip to Fujikawaguchiko and Gunma this time. I particularly like the trip of Gunma. Of the 5 trips, 3 of them were eating, eating tofu, crab legs, and strawberries! !! It's really cool ~ It's a pity that the first trip is to blow and cut the waterfall. When the water freezes and can't enter, take a picture at the door gazebo. The rest of the time is spent in the shopping street waiting for the assembly time. The second itinerary is fishing for tofu. In addition to fishing for tofu, some soy products will be placed next to it and cooked in Kanto for guests to eat. On the third trip, the crabs are the best, but the eating time is too short. The crab feet are roasted too slowly. Later, I found that the crab feet are hot, and then they are probably hot. And everyone must be there. When the fire became weak, I kept adding alcohol and entering a new fire, and the fire just started to bake quickly. At the beginning, the clerk didn't know how long the fire was good, the roast was super slow, very frightful ~ 4th I went to the greenhouse to pick strawberries. I picked them directly and did n’t wash them. The strawberries were almost 6-7 in Chengdu, and they were very large. I kept eating and eating. It was really good value. I did n’t eat any sour strawberries at all. And slightly sweet and good entrance. The fifth is a ski itinerary. It is a simple and easy-to-start ski itinerary. It is also possible to bring children, because I am the first time to play, and I will resist, but I love it as soon as I play. There are no cable cars, snowboards, and snowballs. The appliances are simple gadgets. They are about 3-4. You can play them by yourself. Only 2 types were played on the day. The blue basin (sleigh) and the colored swimming ring have their own characteristics. You will fall in love when you play. Remind to play sleigh, or want to build snow, you must bring your own gloves, hands feel less cold.
YUWARAT Published 670 days ago
#Symphony Cruise Eat cake and sip afternoon tea. Watching the Tokyo Bay 🇯🇵 ~ It is one of the best experiences of life once again. That has been fortunate since the No.1 seat is seated alone. The first table is beside the glass on the bay side .. snacks and tea น้ำ Don't have to mention Already good Because this is japan Anything is good. Everything .. Just seeing the boat is exciting. When stepping on the boat, sitting on the table suddenly, tears will flow ไหล .. Here we come alone for the first time. Why is this life so good ... How many memorable life would be? ... Once finished, we hurried up to the roof to pick up the wind and take pictures of the Rainbow Bridge 🌈 Tokyo Tower 🗼 Skytree 🎡 etc .. Coming alone will not be lonely because happiness is drowned out ... The more you listen to the 🎶 Merry Christmas 🎄Version Japan ~ believe that from now on Our memories for this song will change forever .. Very good, very good. There is nothing better than that 💕 Thank you for daring me ~ It is a feeling that cannot be defined because the word " Happiness "too little for these good memories ~ Charge the energy and go back together. ลุย ~ Japan, many times is not enough. Believe # Tokyo alone. Go to ดิ

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