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Morning Wagyu Kaiseki Cooking Course

4.8 150 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Try your hand at cooking delicious and authentic Japanese kaiseki, a luxurious meal with multiple courses, with this unique three-hour cooking class in Tokyo! Head directly to the cooking studio in Shinjuku and enjoy a cup of hot green tea as you wait for class to begin. Get a brief introduction about the class from your English-speaking instructors before you familiarize yourself with the key ingredients needed for the class, such as dashi, a popular soup stock often used in Japanese cuisine, as well as the various seasonings involved like soya sauce, mirin, sake, and miso. Master the proper methods and techniques to Japanese cooking as you learn how to make 9 different high-quality dishes, including rolled egg, pear sorbet, and the star of the meal: wagyu! After the lesson, you'll get to sit down with your classmates and savor the fruits of your hard labor by trying out your own kaiseki meal.
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Afternoon Sushi Cooking Course

4.8 82 reviews | 800+ Booked
Discover the delicate art of making the perfect sushi roll with this three-hour group cooking class in Shinjuku, Tokyo, where you'll learn how to make different types of sushi, including nigiri, inari, hosomali, and more! Head directly to the cooking studio, where you'll be given a cup of hot tea to enjoy before the class begins, then get a brief introduction of the class from your English-speaking instructors. Familiarize yourself with the key ingredients needed for the class, such as dashi, a popular soup stock often used in Japanese cuisine, as well as the various seasonings involved, like soya sauce, mirin, sake, and miso. Follow the detailed and hands-on instructions from the instructors as you prepare the sushi toppings and rice before you roll and shape them yourself with your own two hands! After the lesson, you'll get to sit down with your classmates and savor the fruits of your hard labor by trying your own handmade sushi rolls with a bowl of miso soup.
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Go on a wonderful walking tour around the famous Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo, which is considered to be the world's largest seafood market. Here, you'll explore many of its sections, and you'll get a glimpse of the hustle and bustle that goes on daily. You'll see wave after wave of yummy seafood ingredients, many of which you can't find anywhere else on the planet. If you have some money to spare, you can purchase some ingredients that you might find suitable to your seafood palate. All throughout the tour, you'll be accompanied by a fun-loving, knowledgeable English-speaking guide who will tell you all about the rich history of the market and its culture as well as Japanese seafood traditions. The entire walk around the market is as educational as it is mouthwatering. After the market tour, you'll be taken to one of Asia's renowned and largest cooking schools, the ABC Cooking Studio. You're going to cap off the tour by learning how to cook an authentic Japanese sushi roll in a class, and once you complete it, you'll receive a gift and a certificate from the school to commemorate your experience. This tour is a must for seafood lovers and for those who love to cook, because you'll certainly take home some knowledge concerning Japanese seafood, and you can use that knowledge to inspire you to learn and cook authentic Japanese seafood, especially if you bought your own ingredients from the Tsukiji Fish Market.
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Instagrammable Cooking Class (Casual)

5.0 1 reviews | New Activity
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What people are saying about Cooking Classes in Tokyo

Jestoni Published 766 days ago
Great experience! The instructor spoke English well, fostered a relaxed class environment, provided easy-to-follow instructions, and even taught us common Japanese phrases such as itadakimasu and gochisousama. The price gets cheaper when you book with another person or two, so come with your friends as it is absolutely money and time well-spent anyway. Highly recommended! I will take the sushi class when I go back to Tokyo!
Brenda Lee Published 1026 days ago
I really love this experiential tour especially for my mother who loves going to market places, see things being sold and learning about food. First, we were late for 10 minutes but they waited for us. Thus, make sure to arrive early coz google maps and Tokyo train stations are really complicated for first timers. Naomi is very knowledgeable about Tsukiji market. She will bring you to her favorite stores, tell you where to find ingredients or food that are available only in Tsukiji, and show you the popular places and food to eat. Ask her and she readily answers. We left with lots of info that I could bring it forward to friends! After Tsukiji market, Naomi took us to a short bus ride to ABC cooking studio. We were like group of friends already ready for some home cooking. The cooking at ABC was very organized, very smooth and pleasant...the studio cafe is a very nice place! The teacher was extra nice and patient with us as Naomi and the other girl staff were also assisting. We learned how to make tamago, miso soup, sushi balls and sushi rolls. It was fun and easy to do with their help. Copy of the recipes werr given. We practically prepared our lunch 😊😊. Thanks to all the staff of ABC. For me and my mom, it was the highlight of our trip in Tokyo. 👍👍
Anabell Published 6 days ago
This was so much fun and such a great learning experience! The cooking class leaders were so kind and even though I could not speak much Japanese, they were very accommodating and spoke enough English for us to understand how to make each dish. The view of the sumida River was amazing, and we even got to use the glass cups we used for the kiriko class for some green tea with our meal. Both classes were so fun, and I am so appreciative of the attentiveness of the staff at both the edo kiriko studio and the cooking class. Would definitely recommend going!
Jamie Published 509 days ago
The cooking course was very engaging and the instructor was really friendly. She provided adequate guidance with elaborated instructions and insights on Japanese food culture & ingredients used. Very satisfying to go through the cooking process and slowly savour the kaiseki meal with our course mates. We certainly had a lovely time!
sheuechee Published 513 days ago
Location is not too hard to find. Just follow Google map. Enjoyed the experience and learn a lot of tips from miki-san. I was by myself.. so it’s like a private class for me :) food is very delicious. Chef also shared the bottle/Brand’s of condiment used and we can buy them easily from mini stop near the cooking sun studio even. With reasonably size plastic bottle which is easy to carry home.
Wing Kai Published 538 days ago
Very nice ladies and they all speak fluent English and they were very patient with kids. Kids had so much fun making the sushi and eating them! But the place is a not easy to find and the google map was not pointing to the correct address. We got off taxi at the wrong place but luckily someone helped us to find the place. Worth a try.

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