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What people are saying about Tradition & Culture in Taichung

Marina Published 735 days ago
Really enjoyed this tour! The lake is beautiful, it was nice to have a view from every angle via cable car, bicycle and ferry. By bike would be my favorite, easy and fun trail.. plus lots of photo opportunities. The tour bus was comfy, we were a group of more than 20 people from different countries. The bus arrived on-time and Ms. Lin is very sweet and an amazing multi-lingual lady. Our lunch was great too! Lots of veggie options. The dishes are to be shared, but I got a special plate since I chose the vegetarian meal. I am so pleases! If you are in Taichung, I highly recommend you take this tour!
Diem Published 782 days ago
Our tour guide promptly picked us up at our hotel in Taichung. The car seat was very comfortable and he provided each of us with a bottle of water for the upcoming activities. We strayed from the advertised itinerary a bit. Our first activity was the cable car. I thought the cable car ride was okay, nothing really impressive. Got good views of the lake. Next, we had our boat ride. The boat ride wasn't operated by our English speaking tour guide but was instead operated by a local who only spoke Chinese. The entire ride, the Chinese local kept talking very loudly which made the scenic ride less serene and enjoyable. For lunch, we had aboriginal food which was very good! Lastly, my favorite part was ending our tour with a bike ride along Sun Moon Lake. The bike ride wasn't too difficult. However, at a few points there were a lot of pedestrians on the path that we had to maneuver around. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and felt very well taken care of by our tour guide.
Fetry Published 835 days ago
Sun moon lake tour is the weirdest tour ever. It took about one and half hour from Taichung to there. We had the coolest tour guide ever. He's actually very polite and funny. He gave us many information about Taiwan and local specialties. The tour is on time and relax. We almost sit everytime We reach the place. We had lunch near the lake that are various and delicious but not common with our taste. it's about 10 menus: Steamed fish, Chicken, black pork, rice, bamboo, 2 vegetables, fried shrimp, soup and dessert. I went to add some tea and The waitress call it "Hong Cha", and ask me to repeat what He said. 😂 We met aboriginal, but we didn't came to their village. We just wait in front of door and then we came back using cable car. The worst part was when we took a bicycle drive through the lake. When we were in the middle of the track, the rain just drop, and some of us stop to wait for it. Our tour guide met us there and gave us some raincoat, but He did not pick us, He just leave by saying "Let's Go"😅. Then He came back second time and say that it almost offer we had to go back to the Bus by bicycle when it still raining. The result was Our hair messy, shoes wet, and after we came back to the Bus, Mr. Tour guide only gave us towel paper. 😑 The last part was when He told us we will had a Tea time and enjoy pineapple cakes. I didn't expect when we found out Its only cake tasting in One of a Store that gives free Black Tea. 😆
FLORA Published 891 days ago
So glad I had this say tour from Taichung The pick up from butler hotel was smooth and on time Ms cheung wanted to call me 10min earlier before the said pick up time, good follow up She waited in front of hotel with guest names The experience was very good and highly recommended All bicycle rental and cable car ticket are included in the tour fees, it is very worth it The bicycle trail and the cruise is best
Maria Loida Lourdes Published 895 days ago
We had really a great time in Sun Moon Lake! We had seen the beauty of the lake through Ropeway, Boat and Bike. The weather in Taichung is warm and we are able to see Cherry Blossoms 🌸🌸. Our guide Mr Lo is very approachable and can speak in 3 languages. He explained the tour in 3 languages and that is awesome! We had a chance to have a chat with him when he joined us in the Cable Car. Hope he get well since he was bitten by an insect in the bus when we went home. Overall, we really enjoyed the one day tour..👍👌
Arjay Published 973 days ago
I will take THSR from Taipei to Taichung so my meeting point at the Taichung station. Meeting time is 8:30am but I arrived there early. Days before the trip Klook will send an information regarding the trip and guide. Since I have the guide number, I texted him that I'm already at the meeting area and in few seconds he called me. Guide is Mr. Hsiao and he is so talented. He can speak Chinese, Japanese and English. Sun Moon Lake has a lot to offer. We went to the cable car, 1 hours biking around the lake, had an Aboriginal lunch, went to a boat tour and went to a beautiful temple. Drop off point can be at your hotel, Taichung THSR or Fengjia Night Market.

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