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What people are saying about Cable Car in Taichung

Geoffrey Published 623 days ago
Really loved this tour. I was a little anxious booking this, since it involved taking the HSR from-to Taipei-Taichung, but in retrospect it was totally worth it. We needed to leave early (6am) to make all the transfers and arrive in Taichung by 8:40am. If I would do this again I would book the Taipie->Taichung HSR tickets earlier, one less variable. The tour itself was really nice: excellent guide (spoke English perfectly), beautiful weather, not busy at all (we were the only people in the Pagoda when we visited). Great native style restaurant, I loved all the dishes. Wonderful place (wear comfy walking shoes!).
Joshua Calvin Published 628 days ago
Sun Moon Lake is beautiful. Cruise was nice, although understandably only in Mandarin. Thao aboriginal food was interesting. Mr. Chen was helpful. Plenty of info about the locations. Sufficient space when we're exploring. Lots of attention when we're on foot to the next stop. Encouraging in getting my tired family up Ci'en Pagoda. Dropped us off at a recommended spot in Taichung after the trip.
Edwin Published 650 days ago
A quality of a tour is determined by the guide. Our activity fell flat despite the beauty of sun moon lake as our guide Mr Hu seemed determined to not tell us anything about the places we are visiting. I have taken so many trips with Klook and this is the first time the guide was so bad. He drives you from places to places and tells you the meeting time and the name of the place with single sentence descriptions and also matter-of-factly expects us to translate to English to the fellow Tourists who are Koreans. Not apologetic or thankful. Amazing. And by rushing about and limiting our time at each location, we returned to Taichung at 4.40. Lastly he also seemed more happy talking on his phone and fellow Taiwanese tourists while on the boats than talking to us. Two stars for the natural beauty and safe driving. Separately the lunch is served at room temperature and do not taste good though it looks interesting. We had boar meat and pig knuckle.
Su Fen Published 753 days ago
Honestly, we were quite disappointed with this tour because Sun Moon Lake was the main reason for us coming to Taichung and we didn't feel it was a worthwhile tour given that price tag. The listing description of 60-min 'scenic boat ride' or 'boat cruise' wasn't quite what we expected. It was more of a shuttle boat transfer where you get from pier to pier around the lake. The lake was really serene and beautiful. It was enshrouded in a misty fog which added this dream-like feel to it but we were told by the guide that it was actually air pollution caused by a huge amount of carbon dioxide emissions being produced by the Taichung Power Plant. That really killed it. The only saving grace was the tour guide we had. Very friendly chap who shared a lot of interesting facts and information about the points of interest we visited. The aboriginal lunch we had was also awesome. And of course we also appreciated the hotel pick-up and drop-off - saved the travelling hassle. We didn't go on any of the trails that were mentioned in the itinerary - which was fine since we would only be breathing in polluted air in the open while hiking. Would be nice if we had extra time at Ita Thao food/souvenir street.

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