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You'll met your guide at Akshardham Metro station, where your exploration into the religious and historic culture of Delhi begins. Your guide will take you through a walk at the Hall of Values, where the core virtues of Swaminarayan, one of the most famous yogi and ascetic in India, are depicted, giving you a look into the very backbone of the spiritual culture. You'll learn about his life and the great steps he had made for the central Hindu practices, and why he had been believed by his followers as God in manifestation. This is followed by a walk through through the architectural features that are a hallmark of the spiritual culture in the area, such as carved pillars, domes, spires, and more. Each of these features, while aesthetically beautiful, still serve a purpose. You then walk through the peaceful gardens of Bharat Upvan, and the Lotus shaped garden. Here, in the tranquility, you can take time to reflect back on the virtues you've learned. You will be able to watch the Musical Fountain Show of Delhi before you head of to the Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, a place where followers gather to worship and practice their religion. Here you can see the locals at worship, and learn their rituals. Your tour concludes with authentic vegetarian snacks.
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Heritage Walking Tour Of Delhi City

4.2 12 reviews | 200+ Booked
Learn about Delhi's heritage and history on this two hour walking tour. You first meet up with your English speaking at the Digambar Jain Lal Temple, the oldest and most well known of the Jain temples in Delhi. Head to Chandni Chowk, an old and bustling market located near the Old Delhi Railway Station, where you can watch merchants and shoppers buying a myriad of available wares. Then you'll visit one of the temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, where you can view the Ardhnarishwar, which refers to a half male and half female form. There are many shops that dot the city, popular among locals. Among them, you'll visit a famous jalebi shop, where you can see these delicious sugar-syrup soaked deep fried batter pretzels. You'll also see a central Baptist church, and walk through one of the lanes which has been famed for selling silvery jewelry, and sparkling silver can be seen everywhere. Apart from the Baptist Church, the religious diversity in Delhi is further emphasized by a visit to a Silkh temple, the Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib. You also visit the Golden Mosque, otherwise known as the Sunehri Masjid. Then you'll see the Town Hall, and walk among a lane of centuries old residences (called havelis), so you can fully appreciate old world architecture and design. This includes the havelis of one of the greatest Urdu poets of all time, Mirza Ghalib. You get plenty of time to walk through some of the famous bazaars, finding steel items, cooking pots, and so much more. Your tour concludes at Jama Masjid, one of the largest mosques in all of India.
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Mehrauli Archaeological Park Walking Tour

4.3 7 reviews | 100+ Booked
Mehrauli Archaeological Park is a space rich both in history and tranquility. Covering an area of close to 200 acres, it is one of the oldest areas in Delhi. The three hour Mehrauli Archaeological Park Walking Tour has been designed in a special way letting you see all of the important excavated remains tracing them through history and taking you to the times of Khalji, Tughlaq and Lodhi dynasties moving on to the reign of the Mughals and British colonisation. Visit the “haunted” Jamali-Kamali Mosque, known for the numerous reported ghost sightings on its grounds and the stories associated with them. See the tomb of the English Nobleman, Metcalfe House and conveniently complete the tour at 11am with the rest of the day free for more exploring!
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Old Delhi Bazaar Walking Tour

5.0 4 reviews | 100+ Booked
Delhi is famed for its numerous bazaars and marketplaces, as it is a hub of business and industry in India. This tour will take you to some of its most best must-see local bazaars and experience the color of Delhi’s marketplaces. You’ll start off with your guide at Jama Masid where the tour begins and you head into this beautiful mosque. You’ll get the opportunity to examine and marvel at its beautiful architecture and see the people going about their daily prayers. Then you’ll hop onto a cycle rickshaw and into the alleyways to Chandi Chowk, where everyday Delhi is fully alive. Silversmiths, repair shops, cloth markets, street food vendors, and sweet shops cover these streets and you’ll get the chance to see what it’s like to move among them. Your next stops will take you to a number of charming local markets: Dariba Kalan or the silver market, the wedding market called Kinari Bazaar, and Paratha lane called Paranthewali Galli which is lined with vendors of delicious pratha. You then head to more cultural diversity areas, such as a place of worship for Sikhs, Gurudwara Sees Ganj Sahib, before heading to a Jain temple, and the local churches. You end your tour with an eye-opening journey through the many facets and colors of Delhi.
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Old Delhi Walk And Red Fort Tour

4.5 4 reviews | 100+ Booked
Make your way through the streets of Old Delhi and discover the historic fort that once was the main residence of the emperors during the Mughal dynasty. Choose a convenient pick up at your hotel or meet up right at the entrance of the Red Fort. As you enter, you'll get to explore the public and private halls of the residence, the women's quarters and the baths and gardens of the Mughal emperors. After reminiscing the magnificent history of that era, your friendly tour guide will take you to the bustling local markets in the height of all the activity, then you'll make your way to places of worship to witness different religious backgrounds. See the Ganj Sahib of Sikhism, built at the site where Guru Tegh Bahadur was beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam. You'll also visit the Jama Masjid - one of the largest mosques in India - as well as Hindu and Jain temples and even churches. After learning about the diverse religions and culture of India, the tour will end right back at the entrance of the Red Fort where you can continue to explore different sites on your own, or get dropped off at your hotel for a good rest.
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Explore some of the most historic areas around Agra from this day tour that departs from Delhi. From your hotel, your first stop is the Taj Mahal, which is India’s most famous landmark, recognizable throughout the globe. After exploring the grounds and learning of its origins, you head to Agra Fort, where the very walls of this sturdy, battle-roughened structure hold an incredible history of wartime affairs in the past. You’ll also stop by the “Baby Taj”, more formally known as the Itmad-Ud-Daulah Tomb to admire some architecture during the Mughal full stop, just before you head off for lunch. Kachhpura Village is your entry to the cultural heritage of the region, where many monuments and structures from the Mughal era still stand and are carefully preserved to this day. Your tour is capped by a sunset view on Mehtab Bagh, so you can watch the horizon glow gold from the Taj Mahal.
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Cultural Walk Through Nizamuddin

4.8 5 reviews | 100+ Booked
Begin your tour with a visit to Chausath Khamba - literally translated as 64 Pillars - a stunningly beautiful mauseleum made of pure white marble with elaborately carved windows. It is said that there are 64 columns supporting the roof of the 16th century tomb. Then, you will pass through the tomb of the great Urdu poet Ghalib, who lived and composed during the decline of the Mughal empire, and make your way to the tomb of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya, a highly venerated Sulfi saint. Unlike most tombs, this one is hidden within a crowded Islamic market, where you'll be able to see and smell the different local delicacies of the area. As night falls, learn about the history behind the age olf tombs, shrines, mauseleums and more within the complex surrounding the tomb and spend time listening to Qawwli performances before making your way back to the meeting point or your hotel.
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Delhi Heritage Photography Tour

5.0 2 reviews | 100+ Booked
It's a travel photographer's dream: to explore the most scenic and significant landmarks and structures of the city of Delhi, and being able to photograph the magnificent sights. You'll meet the guide at Safdarjung Tomb, the resting place of the Mughal Empire's statesman of the same name. The beautiful geometrical garden is perfect for photographs, as well as the ornate facade. Then it's off to another tomb, the Muhammad Shah Sayyid Mausoleum, where the ruler of the same name rests. Numerous incredible relics from the Sayyid dynasty can be found here, and the unique shape of the mausoleum makes for breathtaking photographs, set in the backdrop of the horizon. In the Lodhi Gardens, around the tomb, the sprawling, manicured grounds give you a great opportunity for landscape photos. In the garden is Athpula Bridge, with its eight pillared arches. You'll also be able to take photographs here, with the reflection of the arched bridge appearing on the peaceful waters below. Then you'll get the opportunity to do some street photography. You'll head to the old buildings of the city, getting splendid shots of the old ancient lanes, and also get the opportunity to photograph the facades of the various embassies. Then you'll visit the Shish Gumbad, another tomb and this time from the Lodhi Dynasty. It's particularly photogenic for its beautiful glass dome houses where an unknown family is entombed. Some particularly breathtaking photographs are up next as you head to the National Rose Garden of Delhi. A famed tourist attraction, this beautiful rose garden features fields of blooming roses in a multitude of varieties, of all colors, and even striped ones. The grounds are covered with rose bushes, and even picturesque archways laced in rose vines. You can take the most romantic photographs here before heading to the Sikandar Lodi Tomb afterward. This tomb is similar to other mausoleums with its archways and domes, surrounded by greenery, but the next nearby location, the Bara Gumbad, is a splendid ancient monument. Found in the Lodhi Gardens, this edifice is a solid structure, with its dome surrounded by lesser ancient buildings. It's perfect for wide-angle panoramas of the whole area. Here your tour ends, and you bring home a wealth of incredible photographs of Delhi's beautiful locations.
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Embark on a private tour from Agra to visit two of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage sites in India: Taj Mahal and Agra Fort. Explore the world-famous white-marble mausoleum built by Emperor Shah Jahan for his wife, Mumtaz Mahal and stroll through the courtyards of the majestic Agra Fort. You will have two options for this tour: the Morning Sunrise Tour (kicking off at 5.30am) is perfect for romantics who want to see India’s most impressive sites hit by the first rays of the sun while the Regular Day Tour (10am hotel pick up) is a great way to see the two attractions without disturbing your beauty sleep. Both options come with convenient roundtrip transfers between the sites and your hotel in Agra and there are two vehicle options to choose from to match the size of your traveling group. You can also add a visit to the Fort of Fatehpur Sikri — one of the finest examples of a Mughal architecture. The tour includes the services of a professional English speaking guide who will tell you interesting facts about India’s iconic buildings.
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What people are saying about Walking Tours in Delhi

George Published 871 days ago
The car pick up was on time (actually early) and felt safe getting to Agra. The guide was very informative and explained the history of the Taj Mahal and Agra. He also warned me of the things and people to avoid. Recommend a good lunch place and an optional shopping spot. I would recommend using Keeper as a tour guide for the area.
William Published 1296 days ago
Our guide Zahid and driver Zahiy showed up right on time at our hotel in the early morning to get up for the early sunrise tour. One thing I really appreciated that is that Zahid knows where to potograph and speak good English. We were dropped off back at hotel for breakfast at 9am before heads out to Agra fort visit. That’s very considerate of them! We also hire Zahiy for another day of service to Jaipur and he was professional at driving and funny to chat with through out the car ride. Will recommend anyone for their service in Agra!
Andrew Published 1298 days ago
We had a fantastic time at the Taj and Red Fort. Our guide Farman was wonderful and able to answer all our questions. We booked late so the only availability was other than English language translators, so even though we wanted an English guide we picked Spanish since my wife speaks it. So we got Farman as our guide and he spoke perfect Spanish but did the tour in English thankfully! We’ve used Klook all over the world and haven’t had a bad experience yet. Highly recommend both this tour and Farman as your guide.

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