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What people are saying about Monuments in Siem Reap

Kun Lai Susanna Published 625 days ago
We joined the  [Klook Exclusive] Siem Reap Angkor Wat Instagram Day Tour two days ago 30/1 and was greeted by our guide Mara at the lobby. At the start, we were disappointed cos we expected an air-conditioned car but turned out to be a tuk tuk! We paid more for this tour thinking it to be more comfortable! Mara apologized and explained that there were only the two of us, so company could only arrange tuk tuk. Mara was very polite and tried contacting the company for us to see if still could get us a car... anyway... we accepted the tuk tuk at the end to avoid wasting more time to wait. The rest of the journey was all good and Mara suggested loads of photo shooting spots and helped us enormously. He was so good!
Danielle Published 646 days ago
I enjoyed this tour because not only did I have a private tuk tuk driver throughout the day, I also went at my own pace. Klook takes the hassle out of finding a full day tuk tuk driver. I finished the tour by 2pm which was nice because it was a long day after the epic adventure of seeing the sunrise over Angkor Wat. My driver Mr. Ke was very kind, waited for me with patience and told me where to go and where to meet him after each temple run. I wasn’t provided water bottles which was a bummer but did not hinder my overall experience. I did however randomly have another driver that picked me up at my hotel exactly on time at 430am and waited until 730am after I walked Angkor Wat at my own leisure and then handed me to another driver (didn’t bother me at all). Highly recommend this tour if you’re looking to not only see the “main” temples, sunrise over Angkor but go at your own pace. I felt like I had way more freedom to wander and explore rather than a join in group tour but lacked the verbal history lesson. I enjoyed this tour very much as I did this my last day in Siem Reap (I also did the join in group tour of Banteay Srei the day before). Definitely recommend this private tuk tuk circuit!! Don’t forget to tip!!
Jay Published 656 days ago
Arrived late the night before, so was a bit exhausted for this tour. But it was all worthit. The sunrise at Angkor Wat is something that you shouldn't miss when you visit Siem Reap. Our driver arrived on time and assisted us to get the Angkor Pass. He suggested to stop for breakfast but we refused as we wanted to finish the tour early to catch up on some sleep after. He took us to all the temples as listed and provided directions on where to meet him after. We finished the tour at around 11am!
Alexander Karl Published 676 days ago
Our driver was excellent - very friendly and patient. And the temples themselves were spectacular! This trip is a must for anyone in Siem Reap. The only thing to improve was the lunch place which was (relatively speaking) too expensive. Would have preferred a lunch in a more local place. They also don’t take card and there’s no ATM.
Cindy Published 694 days ago
If you only have a few days to spare in Siem Reap, this is the perfect tour for you. Our driver, Mr. Lath was really nice and friendly. I was worried at first that he’d have trouble picking us up and finding our hotel because there was no signage and we ourselves struggled looking for it. But Mr. Lath was already there when we went down to the lobby and we were on our way to Angkor Wat ticket center by 4:30AM. The sunrise over Angkor Wat was magical and beautiful. Plus we managed to visit all the temples listed in this tour with no trouble and more time to spare. This tour is indeed great value for money!
Maria Loricon Published 706 days ago
This tour is highly recommended for first time visitors of Siem Reap. The temples included in the tour varies from the majestic Angkor Wat, to the ancient vibe of Ta Phrom that looked like its half swallowed by the surrounding nature), and to the hollywood-famed Bayon Temple (site of Angelina Jolie's The Tomb Raider). the tuktuk driver is really just a "driver" who will drive you to each destinations, drop off then wait for tou when your done touring a spot. The tour guides who really knows about the history of the places can be paid/hired separately (we didnt get one so I dont know the rate). They can be found in the ticketing office or the temples themselves, they have brown uniform so they are recognizable. another option, you can purchase a guidebook sold by locals who are waiting outside the temples. another tip, get the number of your driver so tou can contact him anytime if you get lost. we did got lost after the "temple of the elephants" but good thing we were able to call him and resume our tour. thanks klook!

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