What people are saying about Food Tours in Siem Reap

Eugene Yew Keong Published 1178 days ago
Did the street food tour right after landed in Siem Reap and we truly enjoyed it! Vanny, our guide for the food tour was funny, knowledgeable and an incredibly nice guy! Tropical fruits, insects(!), beef skewers platter, sweet desserts and delicious Khmer dinner made our bellies very happy! Highly recommended!
Julie Flor Published 656 days ago
This was a pretty cool tour with the different types of street food to try like the locals. The food was unique and interesting starting off with duck embryos all the way to crickets, beetles and ants. Kim was a great guide/host, fun loving and gracious. He made the tour that much better!! Be prepared to fall in love with his laugh!! Date of experience: February 2020
Jane Published 699 days ago
Amazing of the tourist radar tour! My guide (Nomm I think) took me to Street food vendors that everyday Cambodians frequent and as a result I was the only tourist in the area; just me, my guide and our driver. He spoke about what can be eaten like egg voluté and pig brain but never once forced me to try them, just offered them as options. The food I did try was delicious and very filling. I simply could not eat any more by the end of the tour. I would recommend this for anyone willing to be absorbed into Cambodian food culture!
Matthew Published 872 days ago
Kim was an amazing and funny guide. He was incredibly knowledgeable on cambodia’s history and development, and especially on the local cuisine. We ate so much we were stuffed by the end of it. We were first taken to a local snack joint that served delicious savoury pancakes and pig intestines with pickles, followed by a trip to the markets where we ate fried ants, crickets, frog and more. The desserts were amazing, especially the sticky rice wrapped in papadum. This was followed by visiting a night market for some whole fish and then a local restaurant for traditional lak lok and fish amok. definitely worth the money and time taken for this once in a lifetime experience.
Justin Louis Published 1157 days ago
This was a very fun and enjoyable experience. Our local tour guide Mr. Vanny was very awesome and nice. He explained to us the history behind the old market. We tried some of the fruits that are available this season at the market. After that, we went to the famous local street food place. Literally, a street food area wherein there were stalls along the road. They only assembled the stalls during the night, that’s why you cannot see these stalls during the day which was pretty amazing because I saw the road during the day when I got the day pass for Angkor Wat temple and there were no stalls. We ate so many delicious street food and even tried some local snacks like water snake, crickets, grasshopers and small frogs. We concluded our food tour at a local restaurant and Mr. Vanny recommended some famous local dishes for us to try. I tried the fried frog with Khmer sauce. I really did went for it. Thanks for Mr. Vanny and thanks Klook for this awesome and wonderful tour. I hope every tour guide has the same passion and dedication like Mr. Vanny. I can see that he truly loves his job. Kudos to you and your team!

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