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What people are saying about Outdoors & sports in Cebu

Jaziel Published 72 days ago
Our experience here is amazing. Jpark is really nice and the staff are so accommodating. There weren’t a lot of people during our visit so there was a social distancing for sure. We had fun swimming, wading, and even playing like kids in their kiddie pool and floating around their amazon themed pool. My only regret is that they closed the big slide when we were there and i really want to try it. The food is great too.
Maxcellian Kui Huei Published 74 days ago
The swimming with whale shark is totally crazy experience (30-45mins). Encourage people to try it. Tips: remember to bring your own go pro and extra battery because we rent from them (not too pricey) and we run out of battery :( Pertaining to the schedule of the trip, it started in the early morning around 5-6am and we get pick up by the arranged driver to the destination and the journey to there took us 2-3 hours. Overall, everything is good and the tour guide is friendly!
Jodelyn Ann Published 92 days ago
We arrived there at around 8am and were entertained right away to get our day access pass. We stayed at the beach to chill in the morning then took our lunch at the breeze bar. The food were very expensive though we had 800 dining credits -- still, 350 for a mango shake, 130 for a small bottle of water, 175 for a can of softdrinks?! Damn. But overall the experience was great. We had fun swimming at the beach and the pool, we also did snorkeling in the afternoon.
DARYL NINO Published 94 days ago
The resort is fantastic and you can do so many things in a single day, as it has around 6-7 pools of different shapes, sizes and colors! The front beach isn’t that much of a good one, though. The sand feels artificial and the view isn’t nice at the beach. However, the pools and the magnificent architecture and design of the buildings, the landscape and the swimming pools are state-of-the-art! The voucher is exactly the cheapest way to enjoy the resort, too! 🎉
jennifer Published 115 days ago
Shangri-la Mactan is the best hotel in cebu!! Thank you klook for this offer. This is the best deal we got so far. Hassle free booking and Shangri-la staff are very accommodating and kind. There’s a lot of fish in their beach. Best snorkeling experience for me as you don’t need to ride a boat, just swim there in beachfront and you’ll be amazed with the corals and you can feed the fish. Will definitely avail this again!
Aimee Belle Published 121 days ago
Total value for your money. Thank u Klook for this discounted day activity. Went here on a weekday. Social distancing was implemented, alcohol/ wash areas for hand washing were stationed at the beach, dining areas. An 800 f&b credits came together with the voucher together with the pool and beach access. had so much fun! thank u Klook!