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Hells Gate Geothermal Park

4.3 55 reviews | 600+ Booked
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Lakeland Queen Cruise

4.5 35 reviews | 500+ Booked
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Rotorua City and Lakes Tour

5.0 2 reviews | 100+ Booked
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Tarawera and Lakes Tour from Rotorua

4.0 1 reviews | 100+ Booked
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Waimangu Volcanic Valley Tour in Rotorua

4.7 3 reviews | 100+ Booked
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What people are saying about Tours & sightseeing in Rotorua

Twee Ming Published 535 days ago
The one show you must see when you are in Rotorua. The guide is very knowledgeable and friendly and he will walk you through the village, telling you all the interesting and essential bits about life in the village. The walk is easy and insightful, plenty of chance for you to interact and learn from the guide. After the tour, there is a cultural show performed by the tribe. You are free to explore the village or sample the Hangi pie and corn cooked with thermal heating. Definitely worth it, complete your New Zealand holiday with this tour.
Zi Ying Jasmine Published 644 days ago
It's family own farm. We enjoyed ourselves immersing in untouched Mother Nature. Guide is one of family members who grow up exploring the cave since young. He was patient with us, encouraging and helped us through the cave. He gave us time to enjoy and experience the beauty of scenery and glow worms in the dark. Lovely photos taken by the guide throughout the activity. After quick shower, we have a nice chat with one of family members with great scenery lookout over Waitomo hills. It was a lovely experience and activity to spend in a day.
Christopher Published 662 days ago
A brilliant way to see Rotorua and the surrounding area from the lake. Downstairs there was buffet with a variety of different foods on offer for lunch, which was nice, although some of the passengers had trouble with the concept of queueing. Upstairs was also comfortable, with an even better view. A very pleasant outing.
Nur atiqah Published 671 days ago
The village is an authentic Maori settlement, with houses ranging from empty to well looked after. Villagers take round smaller parties and give a feel for their life and habits, including how they use the steaming thermal vents. The visitors don't spoil the slightly sleepy feel. We attended the cultural performance where 6 locals showed us some Maori dances. We then walked the thermal pools and saw the geyser erupt. Genuine and pleasant.
Molineh Published 759 days ago
The living Maori Village.Nice place to visit with the awesome cultural show by the Maori at Termal Village.A local guide shares stories of Maori history,customs and craft traditions before walking the geotermal wonders and opt to include a ‘hangi’ meal of chicken,beef,sweet potato cooked in traditional way- in boilling hot pools and steam vents.
Yi Xuan Published 1466 days ago
Had a bit of trouble at check-in, when the receptionist said our ticket indicated in their system was that we had to "pay-on-arrival" although we had already made payment via Klook. Pulled out a proof of payment, which resolved the matter. Not sure if this was an error on Klook's side or the vendor's side. The tour itself was an absolute delight. It's so interesting to learn about this proud group of people, with such a rich history, and to learn it from people who are actually still living in this village boosted the authenticity level of this tour. I'm actually jealous that I'm not Maori! The lunch at the cafe was alright, pretty bland. The cultural show itself was done indoors, not sure why since they had a more picturesque outdoor venue. Perhaps because it was cold? Still enjoyed it though, had chills run down as the Maori performed their Haka.