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Why people love Dubai

Published 188 days ago
Dubai Garden Glow located inside Zabeel Park is one of the most famous tourist places in Dubai. It's usually better to visit in the night so you can enjoy the mesmerizing view of millions of led lights inside the garden. It's really a good place for the kids and have kids playing areas as well. Takes about 3-4 hours minimum to see the whole garden. Must visit place in Dubai.
Published 135 days ago
The Arab Emirate of Dubai has long been considered the main expert in the question "How to impress the world community?" For a couple of decades, out of the blue in the middle of the desert, a modern metropolis has grown: the tallest skyscrapers in the world, a gigantic and well-equipped airport, mosques that look like palaces, luxury hotels. Against this background, such trifles as a park of flowers could be no longer surprised. Of course, even the flowers on Arabian oil grew the best, despite the surrounding desert and + 45 ° C in the shade. And yet - it is impossible not to be amazed at him. A must visit! We enjoyed it immensely. We visited a fairy tale.
Published 133 days ago
Booked a visit to the Green planet in Dubai. I used this service for the first time. The proposed price of $ 46 versus 61 on the official website for 2 adult tickets saved $ 15 (170aed VS 220). At the same time, the voucher does not require exchange at the box office for a ticket, as it turned out. The barcode in the voucher is scanned at the checkout and recognized as the actual ticket. Everything works, and in the most convenient format. I recommend!
Published 133 days ago
Cool park in Dubai. Were a family with two children 8 and 14 years old. Everyone liked this park very much. There are many attractions, including extreme ones. There are many cafes in the park. It is very comfortable in the park, you do not stand under the scorching sun. Very healthy park, I advise you to visit.
Published 126 days ago
We managed to visit one of the main attractions of Dubai at sunset. Buy a ticket for 18.30 and you will definitely not go wrong with the price and time. You need to come to LG half an hour before the time. The number of people wishing to visit this place never decreases. The views are breathtaking, and the rapid change of day and night shows the transformation of the city. Be sure to bring windproof clothing. It is piercing here, despite the warm weather below.
Review for: Ski Dubai
Published 118 days ago
everything went great. took "premium Snow" for 7500 rubles per person (on the website Sky Dubai-10000). skis with good edges, boots dry and clean, clothes are vacuum packed. after registration at the entrance, they give out a wristband. the time when to visit the penguins is written on the bracelet (we were at the ticket office at 10.20, the penguins were recorded for us at 15.30, but since we left at 15.00, we were allowed through at 13.30 with another group). after the checkout on the left, you get gloves that you will leave behind, and hand warmers. then go to the distribution of clothes and skis. name your height, weight, foot size, level of skiing, length of skis. then you go to be transferred (if you put on ammunition on the clothes in which you arrived, you can transfer in the common room, if you completely change your clothes, then you can go to the toilet, there are also booths where you can leave things). our boxes were turned on for the whole day. then go to the slope, after taking sticks, immediately after the escalator, before going out on the snow. Our package included an unlimited number of chairlift lifts, but there are also two drag lifts. the slopes are short, but in general, for a one-time visit at plus 35 on the street, they are excellent, there were practically no queues (because it was Tuesday). We rode for a couple of hours, then went on skis and boots, took warm boots and went to a meeting with the penguins, went through a briefing, stroked, took pictures (only with a photographer, the cheapest photo is 2500 rubles). then the rest of the entertainment: tubing, sorg, sledges. it took a long time to choose the photos which we will print. All the photos were taken of the penguins. in other places you can take pictures yourself, then you took only 2 photos included in the premium package. How to pick up a photo and finish your visit, be sure to go to the restaurant nouf 28. lunch is included in the package. we took pasta and red fish. the dishes are delicious and great. in general, everything is at a decent level. you can spend the whole day, we met at 4, 5 hours, tk. then we went to the oceanarium.

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