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Published 309 days ago
The zoo, which can be easily reached on foot in the urban area, does not seem to be big in the hinterland, but the planning of the internal route allows Australian characteristic animals to be displayed in front of them, and there is everything there. Scan the code to enter the park, easily skip the line to buy tickets and exchange tickets
Published 285 days ago
For some reason, I did not check my ticket and let me go directly to the express elevator, which meant that the ticket was useless. I gave it to a Hong Kong girl going to Sydney in Canberra every few days. The scenery is beautiful and you can see the aircraft carrier, but I know a lot of foreign friends. I was in the city where I had walked by the sea. It was worth a visit.
Published 261 days ago
I chose Sydney Tower, Zoo, and Aquatic Pavilion from three of the four. I didn’t check the information before going. It was amazing when I visited the Aquatic Center. One floor after another is much larger than the buildings that can be seen outside. Unfortunately, there is not much time reserved. He reluctantly left until he had to retreat.
Published 227 days ago
This attraction is super recommended. I thought it would be popular, but in addition to the various ship technology and history of the museum (the fossils of the ancient sea dinosaurs of the Sea Monster are displayed on the day), the highlights are the physical ships (ancient sailing ships, battleships, shallow water towers) outside. . In fact, thinking about the fact that Australia was able to build battleships and shallow water structures during the Second World War was really amazing. Friends who are interested in history, weapons, adventure, etc., don’t miss it!! (My wife is not interested, but my 5-year-old daughter can be happy)
Jia uen
Published 209 days ago
The penguins there are very lively and moving. We saw the penguins want to fly and kept fanning their wings. We also saw the penguins walking staggering and falling down. In short, unlike the penguins in Mucha Zoo, they were not standing still. . You can also line up to take a small rubber boat to see the penguins up close. The ride is unlimited, but you have to spend time in line. Our family arranges this itinerary on the last morning of Australia, and only 2 hours can play in this aquarium , So I only played it once, which is a pity. There is also virtual reality to play. My daughter and I chose to go to the sea to watch sharks, 15 Australian dollars once per person, which is very beautiful. If you like aquatic animals, it is recommended to arrange 3-4 hours or longer here (it has a lot of text explanations beside it, if you want to travel in depth to read the explanation, you can stay for a whole day). Scanning the code to enter the park is very convenient, and the price is much cheaper than buying on the official website.

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