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Published 263 days ago
I think it's definitely cheaper to buy from Klook~ 4 hours would be enough, and I went at 1 o'clock, but it took 15 to 20 minutes per experience and there was a waiting time, so I didn't have enough time.. Children are so much fun and parents are having a hard time waiting for weekends and holidays It seems to be too long and I recommend visiting on weekdays!!
Review for: KL Tower
Published 248 days ago
The Menara Tower - not easy to reach on foot - is on the rise - you will have to walk uphill along a road that is not intended for pedestrians. Why she? - you can see the Petronas towers from it)) It has a circular observation deck - there is both open and closed. There is a Skybox - a glass cube over an abyss Entrance to the open observation deck + skybox - 1123 rubles (via Klook). Cost more on site + queue. The time for a photo in the skybox is limited - a timer is set at 2 minutes per person. Passage by numbers. I liked that - I hate the live queues with "I was standing here." The views are gorgeous. It is not worth spending time on a closed observation deck - because of the glass, the photos are bad.
Published 148 days ago
Ticket prices on Klook are cheaper than direct counter, service reply from Klook is very fast to get a code scan, the service at Aquaria is very good, the staff for a lot of information for us, and most importantly can see the fish feeding show time, the children are happy so we as the parent is very happy, really recommended & you all should try & feel it. thanks klook & aquaria KLCC.
Nur Afiqah
Published 31 days ago
nice experience. us and the kids enjoyed them. disappointed not to get a physical map. xsmpai stok lg ktenye. mgkin ptt de yg photocopy pnye at least bru srnok nk flow dlm zoo. go in and start with ungka duk. make it sound like you're in the right forest. uua ak. smpai kat singa singa mengaum .. sstgh bnatang bru bg mkn smpat la tgk in action instead tdo je .. panda pun sekor tgh mkn sekor terkankang tdo time kteorg tgk .. everything else is fine except toilets quite not maintained. considering this is public place people go often should've have maintained toilet well.
Published 29 days ago
cheap price compared to walkin, but im so sad bcs enter dh at 1 then line up for all the long toys can la play 2 3 toys then dh enter prayer time. place of prayer outside the kwsan theme park plaque. hope management can provide special for theme park customers. then close early at 8. so far not bad .. will repeat soon but have to manage betul2 time❤️????
Review for: Sunway Lagoon
Wing yan
Published 25 days ago
Convenient and simple to use, the "Sunway Lagoon", a collection of playgrounds, water parks, and zoos, can meet your three requirements at once. However, due to the off-season, many equipment are closed and suspended. What is more special is the only "SpongeBob SquarePants" in Asia. The theme water park Ps needs to pay attention to that the locals are more conservative and don’t wear too naked

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