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Back in the 60s Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, once Malaysia’s richest citizen, envisioned a resort town atop Mount Uku Kali’s spectacular mountain range. The area’s cold climate was a peaceful refuge during the hot summer months, and the scenery was simply breathtaking. And thus Genting Highlands was born, the country’s premier holiday resort. Weekend warriors from Malaysia and Singapore come in droves to experience Genting Highlands’ attractions, shopping outlets, casinos, and luxury hotels. Check out some of the resort town’s unmissable sites through this travel guide

Resorts World Genting

Resorts World Genting is a commercialized hill station perfect for all ages. Families and young professionals alike can enjoy their stay at any of the 6 luxury hotels, with a total of 10,000 rooms available. The casino is open 24/7 and packed with slot machines and popular table card games that call for a splurge. An assortment of restaurants and bars, high-end shopping outlets, and amusement parks can also be found in its various malls.
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Chin Swee Caves Temple

Perched atop a cliff is the Chin Swee Caves Temple, a beautiful nine-story pagoda accessible by cable car and escalators. Stop by to catch divine providence before making your way to the casino. The cold weather of the highlands can be felt here and intensifies as you pass by the terrifying dioramas of hell in the Journey to Enlightenment. Take a picture of the pagoda from the gondola while its’ surrounded by the natural scenery.
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Casino De Genting

Casino De Genting is one of Genting Highlands’ casinos. This entertainment complex is a popular holiday destination for families with its massive mall and theme park. To maintain order, Casino De Genting implements strict SOP or standard operating procedures that all visitors must comply with. Non-muslims and foreigners are allowed at the casino as long as they present their passport, and everyone entering the premises must leave their belongings in a locker. Smoking is also allowed within its premises.
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Genting Skyway

Get around Genting Highlands in the most scenic way possible via Genting Skyway. This mono cable gondola lift service connects the hilltop resort to Gohtong Jaya. It can carry 8 passengers at a time and 2,000 people per hour through the 3.28km journey up Mount Ulu Kai’s commercialized peak. The journey takes 15 minutes or more, depending on the winds and the weather. The cabin view overlooks the lush mountain ranges of Mount Ulu Kali, an amazing vantage point for nature lovers and holidayers.
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