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Hong Kong Outdoor Adventure 2021

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Why people love Hong Kong

Published 365 days ago
It was a very pleasant experience. The boss is also kind and skillful, so he takes care of everything from makeup to hair and photography. I also liked the final style. And you send me pictures quickly! It was filmed on the 1st and sent immediately on the 3rd. It is recommended to make memories for those who come to Hong Kong. If the boss ever saw it, thanks to him, I had a good time. Thank you♡
Kwok On
Published 312 days ago
It was my first time to play a canoe. Under the careful guidance of my instructor, I was able to snorkel in Hong Kong to find the most beautiful corals. I was amazed that there were such beautiful hidden beaches in Hong Kong. The water was clear and the sand was young. However, to participate in a one-day tour, you should be able to have more time, this is an unforgettable experience and a return to billions!
Published 304 days ago
It is the first time to play SUP with a friend in Hong Kong. Klook has a two-hour preliminary course. Just go to the assembly according to the appointment time. The instructor is very patient and humorously adjusts the atmosphere during the training process, which adds a lot of fun to the whole training process. I personally feel that SUP is easier to get started, as long as you master the preliminary rowing movements, it is easy to maintain balance on the board. Next time, I will directly go to the board to browse the scenery.
Published 242 days ago
The ordering process is smooth. Before the activity, there is an email reminding you that the dolphin watching journey is pleasant. The quality of the yacht is good. The dolphin watching company leader. Kind dolphin ecological instructions. Detailed care of the group members. Be careful and considerate.
Pui Kwan
Published 120 days ago
The activity is very suitable for children. You can learn to look at the map to find the Easter eggs. The only thing you don't know is that the stored eggs cannot be dropped. If you find 10 eggs, you will have to exchange for prizes! And even if you are late, you can participate, and you can’t participate if you are late as written on the webpage. It’s frightening! The environment of Discovery Bay is so beautiful. Spend more than $120, and there is a boat to fly!
Chung Lim
Published 114 days ago
A very good experience, with camping and good training. The beds and the place are clean. There is drinking water and barbecue. As long as you prepare your own food, you can move up and down the stairs at most, and you must have physical strength. , Kids absolutely have no questions😄 Finally, I must like the social supervisor. He is very good, and he is ready for everything he needs! Thank him! Recommend a good place for camping, it is best for children to come on weekdays, so relax!

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