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Uttarakhand, in its beauty and serenity is what the Hindus refer to as Dev Bhoomi – the Land of the Gods. Nestled in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand is riddled with breathtaking peaks, stunning lakes and holy rivers, making it a popular pilgrimage site and tourist destination for adventurers all over the world. Whether you are a historian, a pilgrim, or even a Yogi, in Uttarakhand, you will have a never-ending pick of activities to do and places to see.

Valley of Flowers National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, India’s Valley of Flowers National Park is famous for its beautiful meadows filled with endemic flowers. The breathtaking blooms are the centerpiece of this national park, however the valley is riddled with more than just flowers. It is also home to rare and endangered animals, including the Asiatic black bear, the snow leopard, blue sheep and more.
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Rajaji National Park

A vast wildlife reserve spanning three different sanctuaries at over 820.42 square kilometers, Rajaji National Park is a nature-lovers paradise. The park is home to over 23 species of mammals and 315 bird species, including elephants, tigers, leopards, deers and ghorals, plus many more. There are many ways to explore the park – from going on simple walks, to nature hikes, or even going on a 4x4 to venture out and explore the dense forests in the sanctuary. The sheer beauty of the Rajaji National Park attracts many wildlife enthusiasts and conservationists all over the world.
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Nainital Lake

A hidden beauty in the Himalayan Kingdom, Nainital Lake is one of four major lakes in the Kumaon hills. The beauty of the Nainital Lake comes from its breathtaking surroundings, and natural lunar shape. The freshwater lake is backdropped by three mountain peaks - making it a picturesque boating destination with unparalleled views.
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Nanda Devi

Nanda Devi, also known as the “Bliss-Giving Goddess” is India’s second-highest peak and a majestic mountain that towers at 7,816 meters above sea level. Once open to climbers, the park has since been closed for environmental reasons and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Though it is forbidden to climbers and locals, visitors can still admire the beauty of the mountain from the adjacent Valley of Flowers National Park.
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