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Taipei Theme Parks 2021

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Why people love Taipei

Published 262 days ago
One of the must-see attractions for taking children to Taipei every summer vacation. There are a few more facilities than last year. It is very cost-effective to play with one ticket. The ticket price of 200 yuan can be used to play 21 amusement facilities, and some websites only have a ticket price of 170 yuan. Play 13 items, you can purchase according to your needs before buying
Published 150 days ago
At that time, click to reserve at the front of the swing, so I like it a lot, sitting in the glass cabinet, the floor is a mirror, visible below. See the whole Taipei city In addition, Wolche went to buy ice cream in the department store 50 Taiwan discount again, it took a long time, about 20 minutes, I recommend going in the evening. See the night view is very beautiful.
Published 48 days ago
My parents took it with me about 20 years ago. Recently, on a whim, I want to do it again. There are passenger trains at Taipei Main Station and the transportation is very convenient. The performances at the Ocean Theater are great, about 70 minutes long. The professional diving, dolphins, and seal shows are all wonderful, and there are not too many crowds, so it's pretty good to stroll around. Next door is Yehliu Geopark. After visiting the Ocean Park, go to the Geopark just right!

Popular Theme Parks in Taipei

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