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Why people love Taipei

Published 196 days ago
It seems that we were the only ones who made a reservation, so we picked them up by a chartered car. When I told him that I couldn't speak Chinese very well, the driver told me the time to arrive and the time to return in a slow and easy-to-understand manner, and thanks to this ticket, I was able to enter without lining up. It was a little crowded during the Halloween season, but I enjoyed it very much because it was comfortable to go back and forth! I think it is a good product for cospa.
Published 126 days ago
This time, Mr. Tokino was very good. The family fell asleep on the way back to Taipei in Jiufen. They slept very peacefully. They couldn't feel the bumps of the mountain road at all. They carefully reduced the discomfort of passengers at every corner. In particular, the service is very attentive. The entire ride-hailing process allows us to feel the honor of the VIP level, which makes our journey more complete and worthwhile

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