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Dive Into the Blue
Thrillingly tread Goan waters aboard a jet ski, party beyond the coastline, and have a stunning beach as the backdrop of your picture-perfect experiences
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Make the most out of your time in the waters with these thrilling activities
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Discover the unique flavors of authentic Goan cuisine as you enjoy a hearty meal among the locals
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Immerse yourself in scenic sightseeing tours that will take you around the best sites that the city has to offer
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Goa Hot Air Balloon Flight
One of the best experiences for couples visiting Goa. Flight time is about 45 mins. The views and greenery of South Goa is worth witnessing from the air. Flight captain madam was jolly and kept us entertained through out the flight time with her stories. Breakfast is not included, it's only light refreshments (Water, Biscuits, Appy) after the flight. Experience is a bit overpriced but Klook is offering the best deal, I compared from all the sources. Anyways a one time unforgettable experience if you are willing to shell the money.

Top sights in Goa

The state of Goa is found in southwestern India. Because it’s along the coastline, Goa is famous for its picturesque beaches, natural attractions, and feats of architecture built during its Portuguese colonial era. It is a melting pot of diversity thanks to its Portuguese heritage, and visitors can come to learn about its rich history while exploring its attractions. Read on to check out this Goa tourist places list with photos!

Dudhsagar Falls

Found in Sonaulim in Goa, the picturesque Dudhsagar Falls (named as so because it apparently resembled the texture and looks of milk) is a 4-stream waterfall that can easily be reached either by trekking or safari jeep. Travelers may hike around the jungles in the area and find refuge in the many pools located at the base of the waterfalls. Life jackets have been made mandatory by the government so don’t forget to keep those on!
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Aguada Fort

Overlooking the Arabian Sea is the Aguada Fort, a Portugese fort that also has an aged lighthouse beside the fortress. The location offers spectacular views of the waters around it, and if you’re lucky, you might even get to see some dolphins swimming! Built in 1864, the fortress is named one of the oldest of its kind in Asia and also has a freshwater spring inside that was used as a water supply to the passing ships.
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Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach is one of the most popular beaches for tourists. It is lined with a number of beachfront shacks, establishments, and restaurants that travelers can easily choose from. The beach also has a popular flea market wherein visitors can shop for quirky souvenirs. Of course, loads of water activities can be done here as well, such as parasailing, jet skiing, and banana boat riding!
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Calangute Beach

Tourists and travelers who love to party should head over to Calangute Beach! One of the best things to do in Goa is to visit their many beaches, and those looking for an active nightlife would be perfect for Calangute. Lots of shacks, bars, and restaurants are found in the area and music is blasted out loud until late in the evening. Parasailing and jet skiing are also popular activities to try at the beach!
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