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Gateway to the Arctic
Endless winter snow, reindeer and husky sledding, camping under the Northern Lights and more unique experiences await
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We did not see the Aurora in Norway that day. The driver later took us to Finland to guide us very well. He would tell a short story and would be very helpful in taking pictures. He would also get the photo files of the day if there is no professional camera. Bring a mobile phone tripod to take a tour guide will teach you how to shoot the aurora. The temperature is minus 20 degrees on the day. Remember to do the warming work. Luckily you can see the aurora the first time you go
Splendid first time experience catching the aurora lights. Bert and Teagan were friendly, enthusiastic and jolly tour guides. They are experienced photographers and the shots (shared later via email - dropbox link) taken were picturesque. The complimentary cookies and hot chocolate capped off a memorable tour at the end before heading back to Tromsø city.