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Tainan Popular Attractions 2021

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Why people love Tainan

Published 229 days ago
Although it is a monument, it is more like a big park. In addition to seeing the ancient city and the fort, the garden is full of green grass, and the moat is quite small and graceful. Use klook to buy admission tickets, which can save about 10% compared to the scene, which is very worthwhile and recommended
Published 222 days ago
This time I went to Tainan during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. I found the ticket voucher from klook, found the Chihkan Tower ticket, bought it right away, and soon received the QR Code, and you can enter the park immediately by scanning it. It is very convenient and avoids the pain of queuing in the hot world. It is highly recommended for everyone.
Tsu Han
Published 114 days ago
Buy as you go, you can enter the venue by scanning the QR code. It’s very convenient. You don’t have to line up to buy a ticket. There are souvenirs from Tainan to buy at Relanzhe City. There are also observation towers and forts to learn about the history. There is also an introduction to the history of Anping Castle inside, suitable for walking Go pat, recommend~
Published 111 days ago
Tickets for new attractions in Tainan are only 100. It is cheaper to use Klook than on-site. It occupies a very large plaza. There are 4-5 exhibitions. You can understand the origin of the water trade agency. There are small hand-made street vendors and live singing activities. The whole feeling is 100 points
Published 93 days ago
There are three big exhibitions at one point. The former residence of the calligrapher has an interactive experience, and the old building of Deji Foreign Company has been renovated, and it feels like a Dutch colony in the Qing Dynasty. The roof of the tree house is covered with banyan tree roots, and the powerful tree roots are pervasive in the ancient red bricks.
Jung Fang
Published 50 days ago
It is recommended that you first go to the container house movie screening room to watch the museum's origin movie, and watch the ancient manufacturing process of the ship to really set sail! I really like to enter the hull from the narrow passage! The park after lighting up at night is also very atmospheric.

Popular Popular Attractions in Tainan

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