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Why people love Gyeonggi-do

Published 390 days ago
There are mermaid performances and walrus introductions. Although they are not big rooms, you can play for a long time if you like fish and animals. I stayed with my friends for 3 hours 😂 There are sheep waiting for you on the top floor! Really great value. Moreover, it is more expensive to purchase on the Korean website. After buying, you can change the ticket at the counter and it will be OK! Klook에서사면가장싸요~ 일산아쿠아플라넷에처음에가보니까정말재미있어요!!
Published 170 days ago
I went to Nami Island every time, but I went improvised.Some places made reservations the day before or a few hours ago, so it was uncomfortable, but it was less than 10 minutes here, and there was a confirmation time in case of an accident. It was inexpensive and it was my first time using it, but it's nice to know a good app^^

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