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Luang Prabang is a sleepy yet remarkable city located north of Laos and its former royal capital. It sits comfortably between Mekong and Nam Khan rivers and takes pride in its well-preserved towns, 33 of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. But more than its awe-inspiring Buddhist temples and adorable French colonial buildings, there are plenty of things to do in Luang Prabang that will awaken any visitor’s inner adventurer.

Phousi Hill

Nestled at the center of Luang Prabang is Phousi Hill or Mount Phousi. It's both a tourist attraction and a religious site, that is why climbing it is one of the top things to do in Luang Prabang. With just 300+ steps, visitors will be able to reach the peak of the hill and be rewarded with a gorgeous view of the nearby towns and Mekong River. You can schedule your climb at dawn to catch the sunrise during your visit and have the Wat Chom Si temple all to yourself.
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Wat Xiengthong

One of the most famous attractions in Luang Prabang is Wat Xieng Thong. The religious complex, built between 1559 to 1560, is considered one of the most important Lao monasteries. Its most prominent feature is its large ordination hall with its eye-catching gold color. Onlookers will be amazed by its intricate details, including the mosaic called Tree of Life. There are also several small chapels in the area that are worth admiring. One of which contains a standing Buddha structure, and another a rare reclining Buddha.
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Royal Palace

The Royal Palace is the former residence of King Sisavang Vong and his family, built in 1904. Its last occupant is the family of Crown Prince Savang Vatthana before they were overthrown in 1975. It is now a museum where guests can see exhibitions detailing the daily life of Laotians throughout history. Some of the must-see displays here include the gold Buddha statue, Phra Bang, and the Royal Palace’s car collection! Do note that photography inside is not allowed, and visitors will be required to leave bags in a locker room, so plan your visit accordingly.
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Wat May Souvannapoumaram

Close to the Royal Palace is another must-visit attraction in Luang Prabang called the Wat May Suwannaphumaham. Fondly called Wat May by locals, the exquisite temple was built in 1780 and is the largest in the city. Many art and architecture lovers will be in awe of the temple’s veranda filled with incredible details. Scenes of the Ramayana, Buddha’s birth, and even the local life are depicted in its walls. Wat May is also the home of the Sangharat, the head of the Lao Buddhist faith, since 1894.
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