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Maintaining social distance, but standing together

As people who live and breathe travel, we couldn’t be living in more trying times. The Coronavirus may have impacted our ability to travel freely, but it certainly hasn’t dampened our love for it and the spirit of the global community. 
No matter where you are, all of us at Klook stand with you! For now let’s all do our part to practice social distancing, good personal hygiene and continue to work from home.
In the meantime, here’s a peek at how our Klook teams from around the world are holding up, featuring some iconic sights and things to look forward to the next time you visit.
In a time when we can no longer explore the world, we’re bringing the world to you. The world is #yourstoexplore, later. 


coronavirus, coronavirus india, work from home
Just like the Taj Mahal, even in these uncertain times, the spirits of every Indian stands tall and unshakeable. As India fiercely fights the Coronavirus, our Klook India team wants to remind you to also keep calm and aaraam.


Klook Australia in the Sydney countryside
Vegemite and avocado from Australia
Our Aussie team’s based in Sydney - home to many world-famous sights like the Sydney Opera House and a treasure trove of nature escapes on their doorstep. We’re pretty sure everyone’s missing Bondi Beach and an avo (avocado) toast brunch staple, but we can’t safely say the same for vegemite!
Wombat from Australia
P.S. Did you know a group of wombats is called a “wisdom”? 
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Hong Kong

Hong Kong Tram in Kennedy Town
Ding Ding trams have ploughed the busy streets of Hong Kong for more than 110 years and have affectionately been named as such for the distinctive sound they make. Hearing a Ding Ding tram go by while sinking our teeth into a liu sha bao (salted egg bun) for breakfast is an experience you won’t get anywhere else in the world. Then, just a quick stroll away, Sai Wan Harbour offers iconic views of the Hong Kong cityscape where you can spend half a day just people-watching.
Sai Wan Habour in Hong Kong
Our Hong Kong team’s message reads: “Looking forward to the next journey! Stay safe!”
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Bundaran HI or Selamat Datang Monument in Jakarta
"Keep the spirit! We can go through this together!"
The Klook Indonesia team sends love from in front of the Bundaran HI, also known as the Selamat Datang Monument, a symbol of the famous Indonesian hospitality in welcoming visitors both locally and abroad. Situated in the heart of downtown Jakarta and first created to commemorate the 1962 Asian Games, the Bundaran HI is now a popular site for socialising youths. 
Interestingly, the Bundaran HI is also a popular site for peaceful demonstrations from time to time! 
The Klook office in Jakarta
This note reads: “This storm must pass! Keep the spirit!”, taken with the view from our Jakarta office in the city’s CBD district.
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Cherry blossoms in Japan
“See you when you travel again!”
The world may be missing out on cherry blossom season this year, but our Klook Japan team managed to capture some so we all can catch a glimpse. This beautiful phenomenon sees huge amounts of locals and visitors flocking to popular sights to catch the blooms between March to May every year. 
Plate of sushi in Japan
We also cannot wait to savour the delicious food again, like this plate of sushi we’ll be dreaming about till our next visit to Japan. 
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Super Ring snack from Malaysia
Netflix and Super Ring anyone? 
This local cheese-flavoured snack leaves an orange stain on your fingers so you may not want to touch your laptop while eating! It’s also a staple at many neighbourhood sundry shops or kedai runcit - mom and pop establishments selling local favourites at a steal.
#dudukrumah with Klook
With stringent lockdown rules in place, our Malaysian team can now only “travel” from the confines of their home, but everyone’s all with the #dudukrumah or “stay home” movement in hopes that the situation will improve and we can all travel again. 
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Mangoes from the Philippines
“This too shall pass. We can do this!”
If there’s one thing the Philippines is famous for apart from their beaches, amazing food (hello crispy pata, sisig, halo halo) and vibrant communities, it’s their mangoes. You can find their famous mangoes in all forms - fresh, frozen, pureed, juiced and even dehydrated - loved by the titas (aunts) in the barangays (suburban neighbourhood) and international audiences alike.
Tabo from the Philippines
With Metro Manila under lockdown, the Klook Philippines Team are all currently working from home in the company of the trusty tabo, a water scoop with a long handle that’s become somewhat of an unofficial national icon. As Mico our Campaign Manager aptly puts it, they’re going to keep fighting (laban!), one dipper at a time.
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South Korea

Temple in South Korea
“Go away COVID-19! Cheering everyone against the virus."
With the world still riding the Hallyu Wave, Korea is a haven for K-pop armies, KBBQ lovers, and makeup aficionados. Our artistically-inclined team in Seoul can vouch for that. 
And as much as 2016’s Train to Busan brought new attention to Busan as an attraction for cultural tourists, longtime Korea fans will know there’s much to love in Seoul and Jeju Island as well. Seoul, for the eclectic neon lights, and Jeju for its own unique brand of serenity.
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Spanish ham, cheese and tomatoes
“The best dreams happen when you are awake. Let’s keep dreaming together!”
Our team in Spain is one of the newest teams at Klook! Jamón or Spanish ham is one of the most recognizable food items in Spanish cuisine and it’s usually served with some cheese and olives. 
From the works of Gaudi to the shores of San Sebastian, Spain enthralls visitors from all over the world with their fantastic food and culture. The powerful flamenco dance was born in this country, alongside several key scenes from the Game of Thrones franchise shot in Seville and other gorgeous locations in the country. 
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Taipei 101 in Taiwan
“We’ll get through this together!”
Our Taiwan team wishes everyone well from in front of Taipei 101, a striking landmark and also home to the only Starbucks in the world you’ll need to make a reservation for. 
Taiwan stakes a strong claim as being the “Night Market Capital of the World”, boasting world-famous names like Shihlin Night Market, Raohe Night Market and Ningxia Night Market. But the secret to Taiwan’s appeal extends way beyond night markets, from the many cutesy cafes in Taipei to the nostalgic streets of Jiufen, where we can spend a day just browsing traditional wares. 
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Pad Thai from Thailand
True to the city’s nickname - The Land of a Thousand Smiles - our colleagues in the Bangkok office are seldom seen without one! 
Here, foodies can eat their fill of pad thai, tomyum and green curry, before walking the calories off with their shopaholic friends, striking bargains at Chatuchak and Platinum Mall. 
King Power Mahanakhon in Bangkok
“Keep calm and stay safe for yourself and your family!”
Better yet, everyone can end the night at Talad Rod Fai, where you can easily find booze, live performances, street food and unique merch. Or, you can head up the King Power Mahanakhon building pictured above and visit the viewing deck at 1,030 feet.
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United Kingdom 

Biscuits and tea in London
It doesn’t get more English than biscuits, tea and marmite! Here’s our London-based team sending positive vibes your way from their homes while the city is under lockdown.
We're all missing a quiet stroll along the River Thames and the bustling marketplace atmosphere at Borough Markets. Plus if you haven't yet tried the £10 steak at Flatiron or the lobsters at Burger & Lobster, you definitely need to head there the next time you visit!
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Bitexco Tower in Vietnam
From Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh City, the scent of Vietnamese coffee wafts through the morning air, reminding you where you are. Today a quickly developing country, Vietnam retains the charm of yesteryear, with colonial French charm in Hanoi and Sapa’s tranquil rice fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. 
Saigon River in Vietnam
"Abracadabra, (coronavirus) stay away from us yah!" - a trendy saying in Vietnam
Visitors who fancy a challenge can also conquer Mount Fansipan, also known as the “Roof of Indochina”, being the highest peak in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia at 3,143m tall. 
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Last but not least, Singapore

Merlion in Singapore
If there's something else besides food that Singaporeans love, that'll be travelling the world. But in a time that our front-line workers are fighting hard to keep this virus at bay, we should heed their advice to practice social distancing and keep ourselves healthy. This is also a time for us to support our local businesses in our own ways, be it a staycation, fakecation or even treating your family to some local food. Together as a nation, we will get through this! #SGUnited
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