Things You Didn’t Know About These Theme Parks in UAE

14 Mar 2020
wild wadi dubai
The United Arab Emirates has so much more to explore than the Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, Souqs, the Old Creeks and The Large Malls. This region is gaining popularity as a hot tourist destination and the Emirates are heading right towards the development of this sector making the world’s first ever theme parks and breaking world records in doing so. Hence, we present you with a guide that will give you all the necessary information you require before your visit.

1 Ferrari World:

Formula Rossa at Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
If you know ‘Formula Rossa’, you also know it’s the fastest Roller Coaster on the planet that’s in Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi that takes the passengers on the F1 shaped seater at 240 km/hr right from the start! Another record breaking ride in this theme park is called ‘Flying Aces’ a roller coaster that has the world’s highest loop!
At Ferrari World, you can not only experience the mix of adrenaline rides and attractions, but also enjoy its non-stop thrills. This Ferrari-branded theme park offers an unique and one-of-a-kind F1 experience, so do not miss visiting this if you are in UAE.

2 YAS Waterworld:

Yas Waterworld
What do you look for, in a Waterpark? Of course the slides !
Yas Waterworld situated in Yas Island, Abu Dhabi has the World’s first and largest hydro magnetic-powered water slide called the ‘Dawama’ a tornado water slide that’s over 235 metres long and also a 6 seater ride!
Also, you surely don’t want to miss on an award winning Water-Coaster named the ‘Bandit Bomber’ with onboard water and laser effects + riders can shoot with their water jets at targets below + drop water bombs and also trigger special effects!
Well that’s not the only one, there are 5 other creative water slides created JUST FOR YAS WATERWORLD!
Exciting isn’t it?

3 Aquaventure

The Leap Of Faith ride at Aquaventure
If you are a water baby or simply love aqua rides look no further than The Atlantis Palm Aquaventure. This water park is the only  park in Africa and Middle East to have 700 meters of white sand beach where you and your family can splash into the world of excitement and fun.
The most thrill worthy slides in this park are the Poseidon’s Revenge, a slide that drops you through a trapdoor plummeting towards the end of the slide in a few seconds and The Leap of Faith a near vertical drop slide that rushes you through a wide opening and also through the sharks lagoon before the ride ends.

4 IMG World of Adventure

Ride at IMG World Of Adventure
Another record holding theme park for, IMG World of Adventure holds the place of the largest indoor theme park on the planet.
This is that one theme park that consists of 5 different worlds inside, catering to the likes of audience that love variety. Divided into epic five different zones, you can experience all kinds of adrenaline-pumping adventure and attractions.
It’s the largest temperature controlled indoor theme park, which will certainly not disappoint you even if you’re planning your trip during the summer!
The park is divided into 5 adventure zones:
 1 – Marvel.
 2 – Lost Valley.
 3 – Cartoon Network.
 4 – IMG Boulevard.
 5 – Novo Cinemas.

5 Wild Wadi – Dubai

Water coaster at Wild Wadi
A park that caters to the need of every other  citizen including seniors, pregnant woman, children and disabled guests, Wild Wadi has something special for everyone. The rides, the water park or the ladies night, you can experience plenty of attractions with your whole family.
But hey, that’s not it, it also has Jumeirah Sceirah – the water slide which lasts for few seconds and guess what, in those seconds you are at a whopping  speed of 80 km/hr water slide! It’s the tallest and fastest water slide that’s outside America. If you are someone who craves the intensity of an adrenaline rush, this place is for you.

6 Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Dubai Parks and Resort.
You know from the plural form of the name the DPR – Dubai Parks and Resorts is an amalgamation of  theme parks that includes Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks Dubai, Legoland Dubai & Legoland Water Park and Riverland Dubai.
There’ll be an additional integration to DPR a new Park called ‘Six Flags Dubai’ that’s launching in 2019.
What’s in it for you?
If you’re a big fan of cinema this is where you belong, from rides to restaurants the park is themed on blockbusters in Hollywood & Bollywood in Motiongate Dubai and Bollywood Parks Dubai.
On the other hand Legoland Dubai and Legoland Water Park Dubai makes your family trip complete and ensures plenty of things to do for kids aged between 2-12

7 Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai
Looking for the world’s largest Snow Park ?
I’m sure you didn’t think of Dubai, well it is and holds the world’s largest Snow Park record having 3000 square meters of snow, Ski Dubai situated in the Mall of Emirates is a one of a kind attraction. To fulfil this magical experience, Ski Dubai has regular snowfall while you’re enjoying playing or skiing on the tobogganing hills or in a twin track bobsled ride. You can explore the marvelous sights and sounds in the snow cavern created inside Ski Dubai with your family and also get a sight of the parks main slope from the observation tower!

8 Laguna Water Park

WaveOz at Laguna
Situated in La Mer, Laguna beachfront water park is new and also consists of new attractions for it’s visitors. Including slides that allow visitors to slide together racing towards the end in a ride called ‘Mad Racer’ and enjoying surfing on a machine called the WaveOz 180 by Flowrider! First ever surfing machine in the UAE.
Laguna Water Park is divided into four zones that’s Surf, Relax, Slide and Splash!
If you’re planning your trip to UAE and yet wondering on which theme park(s) to visit, you can let the park’s own secret or record unleash the excitement you’ve been waiting for.