Klook Presents FREE Live Yoga Class

Katha Nauriyal
Katha Nauriyal
19 Jun 2020
klook india hosts a free live yoga class

ft. yoga poses to lift your mood in the lockdown

If you are feeling low in this seemingly never-ending lockdown, try an hour of yoga with us on International Yoga Day, and we promise you'll feel good about yourself by the end of it! And while in some parts of the country you can resume your workout classes, doctors still recommend exercising away from the sweat-stained walls of fitness studios, and in the comfort of your home.
So, to keep you charged in these trying times Klook brings you a FREE live yoga class featuring easy, feel-good yoga poses.
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How does yoga improve mental health?

yoga pose
While the benefits of yoga have been long documented, the World Health Organization emphasises that working out regularly can improve your overall health, particularly amidst the pandemic.
With benefits that are far reaching, yoga essentially consists of stretching and breathing exercises. These exercises help release certain chemicals from your body, which in-turn reduces mental stress, anxiety and boosts your overall immunity.

How will Klook’s FREE live yoga class help you?

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Klook’s FREE live yoga session hosts a mix of easy, no-fuss yoga exercises without making you spend a single penny!
You will learn about relaxation, meditation, breathing exercises and whole body involvement from a yoga expert. Get a chance to ask questions like 'How does yoga help to fight the coronavirus?' and 'How do I keep tab on my mental health amidst the lockdown?' during the Q&A session.
Understand how yoga can help you remain positive in times of uncertainty, poor health and negative news.

Schedule for the FREE Live Yoga Class

  • First 15 mins: Meet our yoga expert and understand the importance of this age-old exercise
  • Next 30-45 mins: Join a fun-filled yoga session featuring breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, in addition to asanas such as surya namaskar, downward facing dog and chair pose.
  • Last 15 mins: Q&A session where you can shoot any questions around fitness and mental health

About the trainer

Revati Khattar is a certified yoga trainer, dancer, teacher and movement artist. With her flow-through yoga series, she manifests an affinity for yoga and dance. In addition to yoga training, she has learnt aerial dance from one of the most renowned institutes in France.
Ask her anything about self care, and you'll get some great insights!

How do I set up my home before joining the class?

workout at home to boost immunity during covid 19
Picture credit: https://unsplash.com/@dane_aw
While you don’t need a large space to workout during the live class, make sure there’s enough room to perform asanas easily. 
Tip: You can move away your coffee table and chairs to make additional space. 
Keep your yoga mat handy. Alternatively, you can use a clean towel or bath mat with good grip.

Would I need any yoga equipment?

Nope, nothing at all! You'll be performing no-fuss, full-body involvement exercises.
Where? Facebook and YouTube When? 21st June (Sunday), 4:30 p.m

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And finally, these yoga workouts are as fun to share as they are to practise, so make sure to take your best yoga selfies and post them tagging @klookindia. See you on International Yoga Day!

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