Klook Presents Old Royal Naval College - The Most Popular Filming Location In The World

28 Jun 2020
Old Royal Naval College Cover

Virtual tour of Old Royal Naval College

If you’ve been keeping up with Klook’s Virtual Interactive Experiences through the month of June, you’d have been to Barcelona, Bali, and San Francisco. To round off this international virtual tour, the latest virtual experience will take place in London, at perhaps the most famous movie filming location in the world: Old Royal Naval College.
old royal naval college aerial view
Here’s a non-exhaustive list of movies that have been filmed here recently:
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
  • Les Misérables 
  • The Crown
  • Skyfall James Bond
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • Finding Neverland
  • The Crow

A virtual tour through Old Royal Naval College

old royal naval college trees
old royal naval college facade
Originally built over 500 years ago, Old Royal Naval College has a rich history with British royalty, having previously housed Greenwich Palace, the birthplace of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I. 
Being one of the most popular filming locations in the world, visitors from all over the world regularly flock here to feel like their favourite movie stars, whether it’s Hugh Jackman’s Jean Valjean or Daniel Craig’s James Bond. Unfortunately, like most of the world right now, Old Royal Naval College is currently under quarantine. Thankfully, they’ll be hosting a livestream on 27 June, 6:30pm IST for movie lovers. 
old royal naval college gates
In the livestream, they’ll be dropping some behind-the-scenes tidbits of what happened during the filming of your favourite shows. They’ll also be sharing some fun facts about Skyfall, Sherlock Holmes, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor: The Dark World.
Old Royal Naval College Virtual Interactive Tour

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