10 Amazing Ideas To Celebrate Your Birthday In Lockdown!

Katha Nauriyal
Katha Nauriyal
2 Jun 2020
lockdown birthday ideas to celebrate in quarantine

Quarantine birthday ideas

Got your birthday coming up and still in lockdown? While celebrating it with friends and family may seem like a far-fetched dream at the moment, what if we tell you we have some super-cool birthday ideas up our sleeves to turn your quarantine birthday into an epic bash! (While still maintaining social distance, of course).

1. Set a party theme

lockdown birthday party ideas
Picture courtesy: @gaellemarcel
The secret to a perfect quarantine birthday celebration is an amazing theme! Set the tone of the party and ask your family, flatmates — or whoever you are spending the lockdown with — to help you put it all up together.
Recommended Insta-worthy birthday party themes:
  • Beach party theme
  • Bollywood theme
  • Game night theme
  • Black and White theme

2. Decorate

lockdown birthday decor ideas
Picture courtesy: @andknech
If you don't have a flair for drama, and want to skip the whole facade of setting up a theme, simply decorate!
But wondering where to hunt confetti and decorations in the middle of a lockdown? You can hang those Diwali lights back up. If you have some spare candles lying around, get them too.
And if you can't find anything at all, put your pretty house lamps to good use. Set the vibe with some mood lighting.

3. Host a virtual birthday party

celebrating birthday over zoom call during quarantine
How can a list of quarantine birthday ideas not mention the Zoom call? You can also set up a video call via other apps such as Google Hangouts or Houseparty and get all your loved ones together!
Bonus: Looking for surprise birthday ideas for her? Personalise a radio show with her favourite songs and a heartwarming private message.

4. Send an e-invite

e-invite for zoom call for lockdown birthday
Picture credit: @neonbrand
Send out detailed e-invites to your guests with the correct links to your virtual party. And, make sure they RSVP!
It's also a good idea to set a start and end time, just so things are organised and your guests can plan their day accordingly. Additionally, if you are inviting friends from other parts of the world, don't forget to mention their local time.

5. Get glam!

woman dressing up for a birthday party in quarantine
Picture courtesy: @kellysikkema
Just because you are throwing a birthday party at home, doesn't mean you need the spend the day in those lousy pyjamas. Clean up, get dressed. After all, if you look good, you feel good.

6. Bake a cake (of course!)

birthday cake during lockdown
Picture courtesy: @finelystrung
Awesome birthday ideas are always topped with delicious birthday cakes! And since we know you maybe avoiding a store-bought cake, we recommend baking one.
And if you can't find all the ingredients, there are tons of eggless, no bake and 3 ingredient cake recipes doing the rounds!

7. Whip up some snacks

snacks for lockdown birthday parties
Picture courtesy: @bonniekdesign
What's the recipe for amazing birthday ideas during quarantine? Well, lots of food!
This year, however, we suggest moving over the usual popcorn, chips and samosas and whip up some viral lockdown recipes instead!

8. Don't forget your neighbours

share cake with neighbours during your lockdown birthday
Picture courtesy: @thecreative_exchange
Take the pandemic as an opportunity to reach out to all those around. Share a slice of cake with your neighbours or some yummy snacks with your security guards.

9. Plan some activities

zoom call during lockdown birthday
Picture credit: @cwmonty
There are tons of birthday ideas to get your video call rolling! Hire a professional musician to play your favourite songs and keep your guests entertained during the virtual birthday party.
Or organise some fun-filled virtual games, and you'll know why they are the best birthday celebration ideas to do at home!
Recommended virtual party games:
  • Never Have I Ever
  • Most Likely To
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Trivia
  • Heads Up!
  • Kings

10. Take tons of pictures

Birthday party ideas in quarantine
Picture courtesy: @amandavickcreative
Okay, be honest — how often are you going to dress up amidst the lockdown? Hardly ever, right! So, make use of this rare opportunity, record every moment of your Zoom call, click a gazillion pictures and fill your feed!

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