Wieliczka Salt Mine Tour from Kraków

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  • Book through Klook, venture beyond Kraków, and go on a tour inside the beautiful Wieliczka Salt Mine!
  • Feel like a spelunker and wander around the different paths and sections of this historic monument
  • Marvel at the numerous, state-of-the-art salt mining technologies that was used until 2007
  • See its remarkable chapels, corridors, excavations, an underground lake, and a variety of statues
  • Learn all about this UNESCO World Heritage Site through the stories of your engaging tour guide

What to expect

Are you in the picturesque city of Kraków and itching to go beyond its medieval walls to see the gems that lie outside it? Then you should know that one of the best and nearest attractions that you can visit is the Wieliczka Salt Mine. Book through Klook and go on an adventure to see the wonders of this UNESCO World Heritage Site! As you cut through its numerous corridors, you’ll feel like you’re a spelunker uncovering something beyond your wildest dreams during an excavation. The Salt Mine isn’t just any mine with jagged interiors and dark pathways. It’s lit up and has numerous sections that make it look like a museum. You’ll be able to see the different kinds of salt mining equipment and machines that were used as well as intricate sculptures made out of rock salt on display. You’ll also venture into the hallowed halls of its four chapels and drop by its majestic underground saline lake. All throughout, you’ll be accompanied by a fun and engaging tour guide who will paint a vivid picture of what business was like in the mines through fascinating stories and insightful factoids regarding its history. This is a must for any adventurer visiting Poland.

salt rock formations in the Wieliczka Salt Mine
Book through Klook and get to go on a tour inside the incredible Wieliczka Salt Mine!
aerial view of Wieliczka Salt Mines
The Wieliczka Salt Mines is a must-see destination for any visitors to Krakow
Wieliczka Salt Mine lake
The underground lake in the Wieliczka Salt Mine is one of the highlights of the tour
Sculptures in Wieliczka Salt Mine
Marvel at the beautiful rock-salt statues, many of which were carved by the miners themselves

Things to note

Insider Tips:

  • This tour involves a fair amount of walking, especially up an down stairs. Please wear comfortable shoes during the date of your tour
  • It's also recommended that you wear several layers of warm clothing because the mine is located 135 meters (443 feet) underground and the air temperature is approximately 14-16 degrees celsius
  • Please bring your own food during the tour; you can eat them during the short breaks


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