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The Ultimate Flight Experience in Amsterdam: THIS IS HOLLAND

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Enhanced Health & Hygiene Measures may be implemented for this activity. Check the website of the Dutch government or the attraction’s official website for more information

  • Get tickets to enter THIS IS HOLLAND to see, feel, learn, and experience the Netherlands in just 1 hour
  • Hop on a seat suspended in the air and sightsee the country's popular attractions on the huge domed screen
  • State of the art technology will make you feel like you're actually flying over the country on the 9 minute, 5-D flight experience
  • THIS IS HOLLAND employs special effects like wind, fog, smells, and thunderstorms, so the experience feels realistic
  • Learn more about this activity’s Enhanced Healthy & Hygiene Measures

What to expect

Always dreamed of flying over the Netherlands? Now you can! Experience a spectacular 5D Flight Experience over many must-sees the Netherlands has to offer! Fly like a bird and admire the famous Amsterdam canals, the Wadden Sea, the Veluwe and more from the air. A truly breathtaking experience! Amazing special effects - such as wind, mist and scent - stimulate all your senses and this makes you feel like you are really flying through the clouds. Be surprised by the beauty of the Netherlands and fall in love with the feeling of flying. The total Experience takes an average of 1 hour and consists of four parts, with the 5D Flight Experience of 9 minutes included. Are you ready for an adventure you will never forget? Have a seat … fasten your seat belt … and fly!

this is holland tickets amsterdam
Purchase tickets to enter THIS IS HOLLAND and go on a thrilling sightseeing adventure like no other
exhibit inside this is holland
Get an immersive and interactive experience through the latest technology
viewing screen of this is holland
See Holland in a different way with aerial views of its many beautiful locations
visitors looking at tablets explaining exhibit
Learn all there is to know about Holland and its historical significance
ultimate fly experience this is holland
Enjoy the ultimate experience for all your senses that's great for family and friends


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