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Just off the coast of Auckland are pods of whales and dolphins, and you'll be able to see them through an unforgettable cruise that allows you to explore Hauraki Gulf Marine Park. Climb aboard and, with the company and commentary of an experienced crew, you'll head into open waters of the gulf, seeking out these brilliant mammals. On the way, you'll also sight some rare seabirds that can only be found in New Zealand, as they hunt over the surface. Among the most popular dolphins to spot out in the gulf are the common and bottlenose dolphins, but if you're truly lucky, you'll sight the magnificent Orca, or killer whale (which is actually a dolphin!). The pods of whales are humpbacks, long-finned pilot whales, minke whales, and southern right whales, but there's also the chance that you might see the biggest animal in the entire world: the blue whale. All these species depend upon the season, and your onboard guides will give you fascinating information about these sea mammals as you enjoy your cruise.
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