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USS Liberty Shipwreck Scuba Dive at Tulamben

4.5 159 reviews | 1K+ Booked
Descend to one of the famous diving spots in Bali and explore the underworld beauty around the sunken USS Liberty. Already visible from the surface on a clear day, the World War II era shipwreck is covered with diverse and colorful corals and has become a home to a number of unique underwater species like Ghost Pipe Fish and Pygmy Seahorses. Swimming with the abundant marine life through the wide holes and twisted metal bars will give you an underworld experience similar to Hollywood sci-fi films. For macro photography lovers, the contrasting colors of rusting metal posts and corals is an underwater haven! Only 50 meters away from the shore of Tulamben, this experience will last around 10 hours from pickup till drop off. The package includes lunch after your first dive, a freshen up shower in the open air shower facilities, and changing rooms before you are brought back to your accommodation before 6:00pm.
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For travelers looking to do some underwater exploration in Bali, Tulamben is the perfect destination. Begin your adventure with an easy transfer to this small village on the northeast coast of Bali. The USS Liberty sits just offshore in about 30 m of water, allowing easy shore access. Visibility is usually very good at Tulamben. Even snorkelers can see the wreck from the surface! Beginner divers will be closely guided in groups of two by a professional PADI instructor so they can view the wreck safely at shallower depths. The wreck, surrounding coral, and abundant life makes this a great introduction to the underwater world for dive newbies. For experienced divers, a dive master will guide a group of four to explore the wreck at greater depths, and advanced divers will have a chance for a swim-through in the wreck’s interior. The Liberty is an incredible location for underwater photos, which you can request from the operator in advance for an additional fee. Book this experience today for one of the best wreck dive experiences in the world with one of Bali’s most experienced dive operators.
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What people are saying about Scuba Diving in Bali

KA YING Published 1135 days ago
A very good experience for first time diving. Approximately 3 hours driving to Tulamben from kuta, beautiful view along the road. Coach is friendly With clear English. After arrival with the consent signed, he gave basic teaching of equipments and underwater communications. Then put on all equipments and try to dive in shallow place. When we had adapted to the breathing and environment, he then brought us to deeper area. The boat is huge with lots of coral and fishes !!!!! We met sea turtle, stinky ray, sea slug! Total of 2 times diving, we explored different part of Liberty. Lunch and drinks is included, around 10 choice. U can enjoy the outdoor shower, towel is provided ( clean!). The trip is wonderful! Highly recommend to those who are interested in diving without license!!! Highlight of the Bali trip!!
Lai Nga Published 1582 days ago
The instructor is very experienced. Even I am not familiar with swimming and this is my first time diving, the instructor can comfort me with detail explanation and practice before we dive. The wreck and the under sea view is spectacular and unforgettable. However, as it is near the Volcano Mount. Agung, pls make sure no heavy volcanic activity before you go there. I was hearing slightly "boom boom" sound under the sea and that was the volcanic activity!! One more thing, tulamben is quite far away from the south part of Bali, so it really takes about 3 hours to there and sometime may have traffic jam as well, but still highly recommend to go diving at there!
SOYEON Published 717 days ago
I applied on my own, but it was a low season, but there were other guests. Although I have an advanced license, I have been nervous for a long time, but it was great for divers to lead me well ~ ^. ^ In the Ubud area, the driver came at the right time and told me to tell me if I needed to continue driving long distances. Thank you Wayan :)! I didn't apply for the photo, but I took 400k rupees and took pictures and videos at the scene. I shot it very well and I received it as a file rather than a cd. (I have a gender-only iPhone.) Other people said that lunch was not good at the end.
JOWOON Published 741 days ago
There was a price range and hesitated, but the satisfaction after doing it is the best. The time in the water passed too fast. At first I was worried that the shipwreck would be a bit spooky, but I was impressed by the beautiful beauty of the coral and fish. I and my friend had dive once in Boracay but it was almost a beginner. Nevertheless, I proceeded slowly telling you step by step. And in the middle, I was surprised that the water temperature changed cold, but he calmed me well and led me. I picked up the pick up hotel and the drop hotel differently, but the time was right so I picked you up and the drop was safe. I was really satisfied. If you can afford to travel, I highly recommend!
haneul Published 750 days ago
This is one of the funniest things in Bali. It's really fun. It was so fresh and amazing that it feels like a little VR experience. And most of all, the one who came to pick us up was very nice and nice. It's baron, but I also kindly informed me about scuba diving and took good pictures for every point. Especially on the way, I had a lot of conversations, but he is funny and cheerful. This time, KakaoTalk is also covered so I'll be in touch. I was so embarrassed in the morning that I couldn't get in touch with the Whatsapp app. I want to take part in a three-day scuba diving class. But the rice is not good.
Muhammad Published 760 days ago
the instructor is patient and helpful throughout our dive. this is our first dive experience and we're not a good swimmer but the instructor briefed all the safety points clearly and we actually felt safe throughout. he also helped us by pulling us through the shipwreck and took photos at different spot ard the shipwreck. totally worth trying out. the shipwreck and corals is just breathtaking

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