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Golden Beach Water Sports

4.6 184 reviews | 4K+ Booked
US$ 28.69
US$ 16.15
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South Penghu Marine National Park Tour

4.9 321 reviews | 3K+ Booked
US$ 114.75
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US$ 21.55
US$ 17.95
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Penghu Pescadores Islands Nature Experience

4.9 24 reviews | 1K+ Booked
US$ 89.65
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US$ 53.75
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What people are saying about Water Sports in Penghu

Tsungchi Published 86 days ago
Don’t look at it for a slightly higher price. It’s really a worthwhile journey. What you see with your eyes is exactly the same as the photos on the website, not cheating! ! When gathering, the coach will first explain the day’s itinerary and the surrounding scenic spots on the boat. Before each itinerary, we will remind us again and again about the items we need to bring with the itinerary. We will not encounter the dilemma of wanting to take pictures but forgetting to bring our mobile phone. It won't let us accidentally carry extra stuff when we want to go into the water. In the water, the coach will carefully help us to take pictures individually, and will not take a few photos in a hurry, and will not be greedy to ask us to be in the mirror with strangers in the same group. Don’t be afraid that we will miss out and leave memories without a waterproof camera. time. One thing that is very thoughtful but not specified on the itinerary, the mouthpiece of the snorkel is brand new! ! The mouthpiece you used will be taken home by yourself. In the future, you can disassemble and use it when you participate in other snorkeling trips. You are not afraid to share the mouthpiece with a bunch of people. XDD (I think the industry can update the information that provides a new mouthpiece, otherwise Many people buy new snorkels and take them with them.)
KATRIN AMIELLE Published 113 days ago
Booking Process: Easy Peasy Redemption: This was a little tricky. We went to Aimen Beach and then to the Sunshine Beach kiosk to redeem. They told us that our voucher was for the other company. So, we went to Golden Beach but they said the voucher is for Sunshine Beach. Sunshine Beach quickly corrected their mistake and gave us free food and drinks to compensate. Activity: SO MUCH FUN. The staff is great. They really know what they're doing and were super nice. They made sure you were safe and having fun. We would do it again. Highly recommended.
Luchuan Published 389 days ago
#Cruising the Unmanned Island Tour: Jishan Island, Dinggou Island, Xiaobaisha Island, Jishan Island has large and small Jishan Island, rich in black seaweed and red terns inhabiting and breeding here, and there is a sand bank to communicate with each other at low tide; ingot hook There are Sleeping Beauty Rock, Land Common Rock and Turtle Rock on the island; the white sand snowy shell sand beach, magnificent basalt wall, pleated skirt-like volcanic neck, rock veins and lava overflow, tofu type The beach rocks and potholes gather a lot of rare geological landscapes in Yidao #Bond the bird island, the columnar joints of the volcanic rocks are amazing #East sea feed terns; throw the lilac fish up and out of the boat, Groups of terns flying to grab food #Peng Pengwan to land on the island, walk on a white beach composed of coral debris, shells, etc., play SUP and transparent canoe on the sea and sky, beautiful scenery, blue sea water The activity, the whole family had a good time, the transparent hull can see the bottom of the sea, there are fish swimming, super excited! Take a yacht to the sea, overcome the psychological pressure to jump into the sea for the first time, so exciting and fun! #Unmanned Island Secrets Enjoy natural coral reefs, sea anemones, clown fish, big spotted bare-chested hunters, dig stone worms, pick up bell snails, catch lobsters 🦞 # take a yacht to enjoy the sunset, go to Peng Peng Island # to enjoy lobster under the candlelight Instant noodle dinner with Heineken 🍺, so romantic 🌹
Anais Published 395 days ago
we booked on klook and the staff wasn’t aware of our arrival, nevertheless they were happy to meet us and we spent the full day doing activities with other taiwanaise people. really fun to do and to meet people from all rank of age! the staff could speak english but also some french, they were really attentive to us! could do unlimited inflatable activities, even jet ski rides! they take a break between 12am and 1.30pm so you can take a rest and enjoy a small snack at the club, prices are really cheap! thank you
Caiyu Published 400 days ago
Buying this activity will not disappoint you. If you think the cost is too expensive, then close your eyes and click on the purchase; the water activities (water skiing, rock spaceship, diving, hundred) of this trip Zhan Yusheng) I'm really not afraid of you playing, I'm afraid you're not playing! ! Plus waiting for you to see the underwater world of the Four Islands National Park in the South, you will definitely feel like you earn it like me. If you are a good player during snorkeling, as long as you are within the line of sight of your team’s coach, then you can You can swim freely. If you don’t know how to swim and you need someone to lead you, you don’t have to worry about the coach not paying attention to you, because there are usually five or six people in a small team, and the coach will always care about everyone’s situation, so that people can feel at ease. The seabed is rich in ecology; when landing on the uninhabited island, the coach will also explain the ecological environment, marine life and the creatures that can be touched to everyone, and will also provide small fish for everyone to feed seabirds; Don’t worry, the lunch at noon is very rich. After the snorkeling in the afternoon, there are also specialty snacks from Penghu prepared for everyone. Finally, I call on you to avoid using sunscreen as much as possible to maintain the beautiful coral reef ecology. Instead, use cold clothes and long-sleeved clothes for physical sun protection.
Chiaju Published 406 days ago
The whole is a high-quality itinerary, and the seabed scenery and services are first-class. 1. Snorkeling: In addition to taking care of people who are afraid of water, guests who want to swim on their own are also given great freedom, but even their own The swimmer, the coach is still observing whether it is in sight, if it deviates too far, it will be reminded in time, and it is very safe. 2. Water activities: depending on personal preference, there are a mild version and a hell version 3. Boarding on the uninhabited island -Turban Island, you can see the marine life left in the cave at low tide, you can see the money eel, anemone and clown fish, various crabs at a close distance, which is different from the general intertidal belt itinerary. 4. The lunch arrangement is very delicate, the end The previous dim sum is the Wantai brown sugar cake peanut crisp and salty cake. 5. Photography: The coaches take the initiative to take photos for the group members. After two days of photos, they will get a photo link on Facebook or IG, and they will get a photo link. You don’t have to worry about your photos being published or you have to choose your own photos. Regardless of the contact before the trip, the arrangement of the trip and the services provided are very attentive. There are about 50 participants on the day, but there are about ten coaches on site. Each coach carefully takes its own responsible guests, and there is no The service quality is reduced because of the large number of people. The coaches of this group are very young, lively and professional (water activities and various marine life). They are very friendly and caring for guests of all ages. They can also feel the team’s love for the marine environment and always remind not to rub the sun. If the winter clothes are wrapped, they won't be exposed to the sun, and don't kick the coral when your feet are put away. When I signed up, I was very distressed. The tour fee was more than 3,000 yuan, and I felt that it was worth the money.

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