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Fox Glacier Heli Hike Experience

4.8 762 reviews | 8K+ Booked
The Flying Fox Heli Hike Tour is the perfect combination of thrill and excitement as you ride a helicopter over the beautiful expanses of New Zealand nature and walk on the Fox Glacier. Get an exclusive view of the Victoria Falls, which is the melted river of the hidden Victoria Glacier. By taking a helicopter to your starting destination, you can access and explore a part of the glacier that is not easily accessed by the public and where nature works hardest to create spectacular ice caves and arches. As you hike, learn about the mighty river of ice that runs 12km from New Zealand's highest peaks to the rainforest below. No tour is the same, with each guide exploring different areas of the glacier and its many changing features.
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What people are saying about Hiking in Fox & Franz Josef Glacier

SWEE HOON Published 265 days ago
Wonderful experience! Service crew were all great in providing advice, assistance and very experienced. Even last minute cancellation due to bad weather also fully refundable, though we opted to postpone till next day to see weather situation, and great that able to make the trip eventually ! The trip thoughtout was well guided.
NGA MAN Published 474 days ago
Its an incredible experience for 4 of us! our tour guide Gin is super nice! He brought us walking in the glacier for an hour! the weather was firstly misty and almost stormy. But later the sun came out and shine on the glacier! The scenary is so beautiful that I would never forget. This is a must if you plan to glacier!! highly recommend!!
CHIAOHUEI Published 479 days ago
Very fun schedule, parents who are not very sporty also like it very much. Although it is really tiring to walk behind, the beauty and experience along the way are worth it. Alice, who leads us, cares if everyone keeps up. You will confirm in advance whether the ice to go is safe. All kinds of glacial terrain are beautiful, there are ice caves to climb over, and the melting water of glaciers to drink. It is recommended to bring some dry food, fruit sticks, biscuits and the like, and you will be very hungry at noon, but you do n’t have much time to eat, so you must take time to eat and drink water. One step & crazy photo. If you come in summer, it is recommended to wear 2-3 pieces. Wear a woolen hat or a jacket with a hat. The gloves can be used, it will not be too cold, and you need to take pictures XD. I cherish my down or windproof jackets, and it is strongly recommended to wear their waterproof and windproof jackets, which will be more convenient for climbing ice holes and the like. He will also provide trekking poles. Take the things you have brought with you as far as possible. They don't lock the lockers, but they are too tired to climb the iceberg. Basically, the commentary and the entire walking tour are in English, but some of the counter staff and staff can speak Chinese. It may be noted that Chinese services are required when registering, but the security commentary videos have Chinese translations.
Xuefei Published 522 days ago
It's fantastic! They provided everything we needed for hike, shoes, bag and even rain coat! They bring us around and show us those most beautiful caves, and only those save to go. We are really lucky because it's sunny day, and they even manage to let us climb across one of the cave that is really fun!
Pak Kit Published 522 days ago
That was a great and memorable experience. The view of seeing the glacier from the helicopter was utterly amazing. Waking on the glacier was breathtaking as well because you could actually touch the ice, feel the temperature and walk on it. The whole crew was informative, helpful and funny. All gears were provided which was great.
Man Published 527 days ago
We were unable to join the tour due to bad weather...we approached the check in office in the morning and they were kind enough to offer us the afternoon tour or the day after. The time didn’t fit and the weather looks very bad, they immediately arranged a refund, speedy and helpful agent! we ended up in having a leisure walk in the lake matheson nearby the area.

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