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Jodhpur Heritage Walking Tour

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Jodhpur is far more than initially meets the eye. From your first step into this city, you'll feel that sense of history permeating through every corner. Your tour begins in Jodhpur's Rock Garden, also known as Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park. This 72-hectare park, not far from Mehrangarh Fort, is as historic as it is mysterious, full of myths that your guide will tell you about. From here, the next discovery is the water canals of the city, which stand as the major water source for the landlocked city. As you head to the Old City of Jodhpur, you will also receive priceless insight with regards to local culture and customs from your guide, as well as events in history or religious reasons that shaped them to be this way. In the Old City itself, also known as the Blue City, the opportunity to learn of a long, rich history presents itself, as you discover not just why the city is painted blue, but also the story behind its architectural harmony and how it had come to be built. Heading into the markets, the sight of the locals bustling about and going through their daily lives will give you a peek into local culture and even see the wares sold in this area of India. At the Medieval Temples, you'll not just see these regal, revered structures, but also have a look into the religious culture and temperament within the city and among its people. Your tour concludes with a trip to a 400-year-old house, also called a Haveli, for tea and snacks, and afterward your guide will help you arrange for transportation and directions back to your hotel.
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When touring India, the bazaars are a must see, and in the walls of the Blue City of Jodhpur, a brilliant array of handicrafts and traditional wares await you. After meeting your guide at the famous Clock Tower, you'll explore its surrounding markets, each one with its unique feature. Sadaar Bazaar sits right next to the Clock Tower and is a famous destination for tourists looking for local handicrafts, apparel and textiles, as well as an assortment of street food vendors. The next stop is Mochi Bazaar, which is best known for Jootis, or traditional Rajasthani footwear. If there's anything you will definitely want to take home as a souvenir, it's these beautiful footwear that come in a wide array of colors, patterns, and styles. Saved last is the incredible Tripolia Bazaar, otherwise known as the Shopping Paradise of India. This is the ultimate traditional shopping destination of choice for tourists and locals alike, and specializes in numerous items, such as precious stones, silver, lacquer bangles, textiles, and more. The precious stone and jewelry trade in Tripolia is so considerable that it's one of the major areas in the bazaar, and therefore the perfect place for shoppers to find that perfect trinket to buy for someone special back home. You also get the chance to meet some of the local artisans and craftsmen, and hear about the process of crafting some of the items that you see in the market, and it's a great way to end your shopping tour.
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Jodhpur Food Walk

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Get to the know the beautiful city of Jodhpur by discovering its tastes and culinary trends! This three hour food walk takes you and a foodie guide around the streets of the city, sampling some of the local favorites, from snacks to dishes. It's a great way to get to know the city's personality in terms of food, and its appetite for spices. From the Clock Tower, you'll head out and seek out 6-7 local foods and discover the many spices that give the food its kick. Try fresh ram ladoo, crisp jalebi, tasty kesar kulfi and so much more, and even get a look at how they're cooked. Bring a healthy appetite and enjoy this culinary cultural tour of the city.
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