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What people are saying about Tours & sightseeing in Hokkaido

Muhd Saaid Published 288 days ago
Amazing experience that we will never forget! Worth the money worth the scenic journey. Best winter experience in Hokkaido seeing the cute penguins parade at Asahiyama Zoo then we had lunch at Furano Herb Garden and tasted the Lavendar Ice Cream. Captured the beautiful view of Shirahige Waterfall but nothing much on the blue pond as everywhere is covered in thick snow. Last pit stop is the The Ningle Terrace,the cottage style shops and the evening light ups is beautiful during winter.
LIMIN NICKIE Published 336 days ago
Meetup point was easy to find, and the tour started punctually. The attractions were fantastic. However, wished there was more time at the Ningle terrace, as it was really pretty and fantastic for photos. The snow was huge and we didnt really manage to stop at the shirogane pond due to time constraint as well. Overall enjoyed the trip! Highly recommended!
Tat Sun Published 512 days ago
Wonderful trip that you should never miss when you visit Hokkaido in winter without self arrangement on transport on the frozen roads. There are actually 3 attractive spots in this trip excluding the lunch restaurant + souvenir shop. It is rather insufficient time to spend on each spots as there are crowds of visitors, i.e. the main drawback of the whole trip.
Uke linggianasari Published 557 days ago
It is amazing to see penguins that are very funny .. the atmosphere is just right because it is not too crowded so satisfied. Our guide Joe is very kind, friendly and informative to tell many things about Japan's superior products such as abalone in the north, milk in Hokkaido, horse oil that is abundant in Hokkaido, Wagyu & Hida meat that tastes amazing