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Why people love Singapore

Tsui Ning
Published 229 days ago
The tour guide has a very deep understanding of this place. I kept explaining the history of this place, the origin of the place name, and the characteristics of the building along the way. It really opened my eyes. As a Singaporean, I never knew that this place has so many different cultures and so many specialties. During the three-hour journey, while listening and watching, I forget fatigue. This itinerary is well planned, great!
Published 228 days ago
This is an unforgettable itinerary, giving us a new experience, exciting, romantic and surprising. In this difficult 2020, we believe that life is still beautiful, and the dawn of overcoming the epidemic is at the end. The tour guide Roger Koh is humorous, and his explanations are witty, thanks to his unique understanding of Singapore’s humanities and history, and praises his excellent service 👍...
Published 225 days ago
A very special event. At first, we drove on the road and then drove directly into the water to enjoy the beauty of Singapore. However, we ran the wrong duck boat at the beginning, and then we had time to board the boat when we arrived at the correct store, but the store family was very nice. Let us wait for the next boat,
Published 153 days ago
It was an unknown place that I would never know and would not be able to go to if it had not been for this trip. It seems that there were many hidden places like an old and historic village. It was a good trip except that it was difficult to walk because the weather was hot~~!! Make sure to bring cool water!!
Published 142 days ago
The entire itineary is well designed, from very start, we enjoyed Singapore panaromic view form the sea, the comfortable sea wind predicated we would have a great trip. The bilingual tourit guide is very professional, knowledgeable, sharing interesting stories about Singapore, the islands . He is passionate, care taking, he loves Singapore so much and we were touched He also took beautiful photos for us and edited it into mini video end of the tour and shared with us I loved the tour, definitely recommended! The whole itinerary design is very Well, the gentle sea breeze indicates that we have a pleasant trip to the southern islands. To admire the Singapore city skyline from the sea, it is a completely different feeling to walk through reinforced concrete buildings in peacetime. The tour guide is very professional and caring about the guests. He often reminds the guests of the precautions, helped us take a lot of beautiful photos and made a short video for us. We have retained this beautiful memory. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, under the circumstances that the epidemic will not go away for a long time, our trip to the island is like going abroad. We can't go abroad, we go to sea! Every night, I dream of blue and transparent waves accompanying me to sleep sweetly! Highly recommend this itinerary!
Peng Boon
Published 132 days ago
Thank you 96 Travels & Tours. We enjoyed a 40-minute boat sightseeing tour. The tour guide also gave each group members an understanding of Singapore’s history and the colorful night view. Everyone felt very happy and had endless aftertastes. Thank you for the detailed explanation and carefulness of the team leader. Take care.

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