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Why people love Kenting

Published 186 days ago
Really super fun! The coaches are very cute~ and I met a group of very interesting people, it feels like everyone just played together and made many friends! Awesome~ Experience a lot of different activities, board the boat to rest and eat when you are tired~ Finally there is a bottle of beer 🍻 awesome! Big push ❤️
Published 183 days ago
I’m really nervous. The coach is very good. I train beforehand. I always pay attention to my condition when I dive. I’m not used to the mouthpiece oxygen mask. Although I haven’t taken many photos, it’s a different experience under the sea. It took about half an hour. Time passed quickly. I saw turtles and the coach spent most of the time watching me. It’s been hard for him.
Published 111 days ago
Kenting's most distinctive ancient road ~ both humanistic charm and the original beauty of the tropical coastal forest ecosystem~ The narrator is kind and professional to explain and drive the whole process~ About 8.4 kilometers from Nantian to Xuhai~ There is no toilet at all~ If you want to go to the toilet, find someone by yourself It can be solved where it can be seen~ The Alang One Ancient Road is not too difficult~ I have the opportunity to recommend everyone to come back ^^
Published 37 days ago
The instructor Big Bear was very good and patient and took me to experience diving with my girlfriend. The seas in Kenting are really beautiful! I highly recommend this itinerary. You must come to experience it and you will not regret it. It is recommended that important items can be locked in the car. There is no door on the locker and feel uneasy
Published 34 days ago
Even the fake Xiaoliuqiu is terrible. Coach Aken explained carefully before the trip, but there are really too many fakes, a little busy, it's really hard, but the weather is good, and I caught up with the sunset, and patted it hard. It’s the right time to take pictures. On holidays with a lot of people, it is recommended to bring your own waterproof filming equipment, otherwise you have to stick to the coach to take more pictures.
Published 19 days ago
This time we chose the salt language boat love, sleeping in the seaweed forest area, it is recommended that you bring a jacket, because the guided tour to the penguin area at night is very cold. We all like this trip very much. The weather in April is very comfortable. Although there is sun, it is not too hot and the wind is very comfortable. The schedule is very well arranged. There will be a DIY time to sit down in the middle of the trip. You can Free to choose to do handicrafts, rest or take a bath early, and the kayak instructor, service staff or guide are very enthusiastic, making the whole trip very relaxing and comfortable

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