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Why people love Pattaya

Published 177 days ago
There are actually several dolphin shows in Pattaya and this one is by far the best one we've been. The show is started by a short show by the Seals, and the 4 Dolphins with the 2 trainers were amazing. If you have kids interested in sea animals, this is a great activity to bring them. Try not to get seats in the first 2 rows coz you might get splashed and wet by the dolphins!
Published 159 days ago
Redeem a voucher through KLOOK, the price is cheap and very convenient to use, just print the voucher and submit the counter page. There are many photos, plus there is FREE WIFI to use in ART IN PARADISE for AVR photos. Very cool. Spend time in the restaurant. Worth the price Come on weekdays, not many people. Recommended.
Review for: Ramayana Water Park
Ka Tung
Published 148 days ago
The paradise is not too big, but there are so many choices of facilities, exciting and relaxing, and it's a day of fun. On weekdays, the flow of people is relatively small. Basically, most facilities do not queue up. The staff are nice and humorous, and the food court has many choices and high quality.
Published 111 days ago
Going to Sriracha Dragon Tiger Park was originally a scenic spot on the way to Pattaya. To be honest, it turned out to be just a temporary addition, but to be honest, the various performances in the park are quite exciting. If you have friends who go to Pattaya, you can go and see it. It is suitable for the whole family to play together. My children enjoy it very much. Happy.
Published 24 days ago
Although it was still unfinished, the interior ceiling was a masterpiece. It was a masterpiece to think that the craftsmen made this by hand. I want to go again when I call my family from Japan or when my friends come to visit me. Since the time you can enter is divided, you may have to wait 50 minutes if you are not good at it, so be careful about the time you go. I'm glad I was free at 10am. It's best if you can get there around 9:40.
Published 19 days ago
This reservation thought that it was right at the front desk. It turns out that the price is the same as there is an additional fee of 20 baht and waiting for the bar code for another half an hour to get the ticket. It is the first time booking that I am not impressed at all. If buying in front of the event, you can enter since half an hour ago and still get a discount on the admission fee for the sightseeing bus. The other part of klook does not have an entrance ticket that does not include the entrance fee for the sightseeing bus. Should have more of this promotion And should serve faster

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