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Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko Experience

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  • Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko is an ideal place to start your historical and cultural tour of Sakai
  • Walk into the Sen no Rikyu Chanoyu (Tea Ceremony) Museum and learn about Japanese tea master Sen no Rikyu as well as Toyotomi Hideyoshi's story
  • Enter Yosano Akiko's world of poetry with images and sounds. Get to know this famous poet's dramatic life through her text inside the Yosano Akiko Museum
  • Enjoy green tea and all kinds of Sakai sweets presented by the master of Japanese tea ceremony when you choose to take part of the Ryurei Teicha experience

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Ryurei Teicha: Chanoyu (Tea Ceremony) Experience

Sen no Rikyu Chanoyu (Tea Ceremony) Museum & Yosano Akiko Museum Admission (Tea ceremony & Special exhibition incl.)

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The tea ceremony was short and sweet. I was the only student. They gave me the English instruction upon the redemption so that I can read up the steps before hand since the presenter only speaks Japanese. The experience started with delicious dessert. Then I was presented on how the host prepare the tea ceremony. When the tea was served to me, a lady taught me how to perform my part when she saw me struggling a little to go through the steps. The whole experience ended in 15 minutes and the lady even offered to help me taking photos. As the location of this museum quite far from the city and not covered by JR, I’d suggest to get the museum and tea ceremony together if you really Wan to experience it. First to understand about the Sakai city and the origin of the tea ceremony and then experience it. Overall was good. Unless you have some good time to spend, you might want to explore elsewhere.

26 Oct 2019
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What to expect

Itching to immerse yourself in ancient Japanese culture while at Sakai, Osaka? The Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko is exactly the place for you to visit. This new museum complex is where you can experience Sakai through two of its most famous figures, Sen no Rikyu and Yosano Akiko. At the Yosano Akiko Museum, you can learn about this renowned Sakai-born poet and her significant contributions to Japanese literature. Then, at the Sen no Rikyu Chanoyu Museum, study this famous tea master and how tea is vital to the country's culture. You can also choose to experience Chanoyu (tea ceremony) at the plaza's experience rooms where you can sit in a chair and enjoy tea in the casual Ryurei style. Dessert will be served in the Chanoyu Experience Rooms as well.

Sakai Plaza of Rikyu and Akiko
This new museum complex is where you can learn about the art and history of Japanese literature and tea
Yosano Akiko Museum
Experience how the poet Yosano Akiko viewed the world through the text found in this museum dedicated to her
Chanoyu Experience Room
If you want to experience an authentic Japanese tea ceremony, visit the complex's Chanoyu rooms!
Japanese green tea and sweets
Japanese green tea as well as some sweets will be served at the Chanoyu Tea Ceremony Experience rooms


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