Asylum Manila Haunted Ticket in Quezon City

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Asylum Manila
  • Visit Manila’s scariest walk-through attraction filled with terrifying live actors and horror movie-style scares
  • Experience a thrilling night full of spooks with Hollywood-quality special effects that will take your breath away
  • Enter the Asylum and find a way to survive inside a creepy psychiatric institution for the criminally insane
  • Explore 50 different themed rooms and see if you can last through the 45-minute terror that awaits you

What to expect

Dread is the fear of the unknown. Terror is the fear of what’s in front of you. Horror is the aftermath of your experience with fear. Reacquaint yourself with the nuances of mankind’s oldest and strongest emotion by entering Asylum Manila, the city’s scariest haunted walk-through attraction! Enter a seemingly abandoned psychiatric institution for the criminally insane as a newly-admitted patient. Explore fifty dimly lit rooms filled with countless grotesqueries like shambling doctors, corpses hung upside down, decapitated limbs and disemboweled organs on display, and Annabelle. Brave through the uneasy atmosphere, solve numerous puzzles, and avoid deranged maniacs for forty-five minutes as you uncover the disturbing truth behind the Asylum and the mad surgeon Dr. Vanicutt. Perhaps, you’ll meet him, too.

Dr. Vanicutt character inside Asylum Manila
Enter the Asylum and uncover the sordid secrets of the mad surgeon Dr. Vanicutt
a brutalized corpse inside Asylum Manila
See the doctor's evil handiwork: an exhibition of corpses and decapitated limbs
a shambling patient in one of the rooms of Asylum Manila
Explore fifty rooms with unique themes and avoid deranged patients as you solve puzzles
an It-inspired display in Asylum Manila
Even monstrosities like the gutter-dwelling It and the Annabelle doll call the Asylum their home
group of people with made up actors in Asylum Manila
Bring your friends and face some of your greatest fears together


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