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Dinosaurs Island Ticket in Clark

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  • Take a step back into the exciting era of the dinosaurs with a trip to Dinosaurs Island Clark!
  • See and be amazed as long extinct dinosaurs come back to life through the park's use of animatronics technology
  • Gaze upon the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Iguanodon, Triceratops, and other dinosaur species
  • Klook Exclusive: Get the chance to also explore Insectlandia and Wonders of the World with your Klook admission ticket!
  • Discover the fascinating world of insects as you interact with the park's giant-sized bugs
  • Take stunning photos with their miniature replicas of iconic landmarks such as Taj Mahal, Pyramid of Egypt, and more
  • Bring the kids along and get to learn more about these majestic creatures and famous sites as you walk through educational exhibits

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What to expect

Treat the kids to a fun and educational family day at Dinosaurs Island Clark! Step inside a world of life-size dinosaurs, monuments, and insects - brought to life by the wonders of animatronics technology. Check out three attractions with your ticket: Dinosaurs Island, Insectlandia, and Wonders of the World. For your first stop, venture into the forgotten dinosaur era at Dinosaurs Island. Discover the stories behind Earth's greatest creatures and get to meet these long extinct dinosaurs up close. Next, explore the fascinating land of giant insects. See how these critters live amongst their ecosystem, which includes us humans. Learn their role in nature as your kids tune in to the animatronics play. Last but not the least is the Wonders of the World. This museum grants visitors a chance to look up faraway destinations. Make sure to take unlimited photos with the family for a truly memorable escape!

outdoor dinosaur stature in Dinosaurs Island Clark
Recreate scenes from the Jurassic Park movie with Dinosaurs Island Clark's lifelike installations
Using the latest animatronics, watch the dinosaurs come to life in Dino World of Fun
Experience the thrill of being chased down or attacked by dinosaurs in Jurassic Jungle Safari!
Venture on a roller coaster virtual reality with their 7D Super Screen
dinosaur statue in Dinosaurs Island Clark
Get your kids to feed realistic dinosaurs, an activity they'll surely remember for days to end!
Explore the magical world of Insectlandia, where enormous versions of insects are displayed
greek temple model in Dinosaurs Island Clark
Visit the world's most iconic landmarks at Wonders of the World


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