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Singing Bowl Therapy in Kathmandu

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  • Refresh yourself with sound healing therapy, an ancient practice in Nepal
  • Discover the treatment found in vedic scriptures of India, which Shamans in indigenous tribes still use today
  • Enjoy the possible benefits of this non invasive process that can bring mind, body and spirit into harmony and balance
  • Listen to it performed through toning, singing, chanting or using different instruments of sound
  • Experience the best service from the professional masseuses to further enhance your therapy

What to expect

Singing bowl therapy has been around in Northern Asian regions since ancient times but it is only recently that the rest of the world has been exposed to it and its medicinal benefits. In Samsara Spa, you'll be able to experience this method of treatment for yourself and discover the benefits that have been enjoyed by Nepalese people for generations. This vibrational therapy is partly a performance, as it is done through 'playing' a set of Tibetan bowls as your body absorbs this vibration. Overall the treatment is meant to clear blockages in your internal flow by increasing the clarity of your mental and emotional state. You will be settled into deep relaxation, allowing you to get better sleep and feel more rested, stress-free and at ease. Your blood flow become stimulated, along with improving the performance of your endocrine system and hormones. It's a unique form of treatment that you can enjoy in order to relieve yourself of travel stress and rejuvenate yourself in Kathmandu.

singing bowl therapy kathmandu
Experience the unique benefits of Singing Bowl Therapy
singing bowl therapy kathmandu
Discover a treatment that has been used since ancient times to promote full body wellbeing
singing bowl therapy kathmandu
Clear your mind, improve your body's health, and more
singing bowl therapy kathmandu
Enjoy the professional treatment of expert masseuses


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