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The higher you go, the more you see. Each of the hotspots on The Peak reveals a brilliant perspective of Hong Kong and makes ample perfect photo opportunities. Visit them all during various hours of the day to take in the scenery under a different light. Here's a little secret: the best time to visit The Peak is near dusk. You can soak in the wonderful Peak view during the day, sundown, and at night as an irresistibly alluring experience.
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Victoria Peak, The Peak, Hong Kong

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4.5 /5
34K+ reviews
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Klook User
You can play together with the Victoria Peak Cable Car
23 Dec 2022
Value for money. Just scan QR code to enter. Definitely a great place to visit. We managed to catch sun set and the view was beautiful at Victoria Peak. Tram ride was great, new tram.
13 Dec 2022
Scan the QR code here and you can go through. The Peak Tram train is very new and beautiful, just completed the renovation at the end of 2022. In addition, when going up the hill, there are old models on the right hand side for you to take pictures with. This tram will stop at stations along the way if someone presses the button to get off, but if you're already on Victoria Peak, you can sit and enjoy along the way. It's good to come in the morning because there are still no people, but if it's late at 11 a.m., there will be a lot of people. The tour starts coming. Up to the top there is Sky. Terrace that must be purchased as a trailer in Klook, otherwise you can use Octopus to pay instead if you reach the top. And there is a department store for shopping and eating. Recommended to sit on the right hand side.
18 Nov 2022
In the first month of school, we will come to check in. The night view of Taiping Mountain is a must-see! The Peak Tower must visit!
13 Nov 2022
Once you can take a new car to Taiping Mountain to watch the sunset and the charming night view of Victoria Harbour, you may not see the red heart of the observation deck at night.
wing yin
5 Nov 2022
From the summit of Victoria Peak, you can enjoy the magnificent skyline of Hong Kong day and night. Its tree-lined trail around the mountain makes it easy to photograph flora, fauna and historic buildings along the way. The top of the mountain is close to the Central Business District, and the transportation is very convenient.
Klook User
16 Oct 2022
A day's itinerary on the Peak of Taiping is fully arranged, great value
Klook User
3 Oct 2022
Very nice journey~ The new cable car in Taiping Mountain is very beautiful, the wavy floor design and beautiful wooden seats make people feel like they are in Japan, the heart is calm and beautiful~ The Lingxiao Pavilion has changed from the hustle and bustle of the past, there are almost no people, you can look around Beautiful view near Hong Kong. recommend everyone
sze kei
13 Sep 2022
The seats of the new cable car are spacious and look very comfortable. Going to the Peak Tower on the top of Taiping Mountain can enjoy the intoxicating night view of Hong Kong, which is very unforgettable.