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Richard Published 292 days ago
Went out on the boat to experience whales in their natural environment. The boat was very comfortable and the staff were friendly and made you feel safe. It was a very windy day and the sea was very rough so taking sea sickness pills before the trip was a good idea. We saw a whale which was amazing and also saw some Albatross, Hectors Dolphins and Dusky Dolphins. Highly recommend
Eline Maria Published 555 days ago
Most incredible dolphin encounter ever! At some point there were hundreds of dusky dolphins to swim with. I even saw two hector dolphins and some common dolphins. They play with you, talk to you and follow you around if you are swimming fast. The staff of the boat was very professional and the catanmaran was comfortable. Highly recommend this trip!
SHIHCHI Published 588 days ago
Wonderful experience, see a sperm whale and a lot of dorphins. Dorphins are much more intereting than whale. a little disappointed that just seeing whale at a glance and then she went into the see. I hope I can see the whale swimming around us or staying longer, but it was not. Oh... Seasickness is severe.
Richard Published 602 days ago
Slick operation from start to finish. Safety first, excellent equipment and attentive staff both on and offshore. During our boat trip we got super lucky and saw Orca pod and Seal eating a giant octopus. The sealife in this area is unbelievable! We had around 5 separate swims with the dolphins who were exciting to see in the wild - they were having a great time flipping and jumping all over the place! Cannot recommend enough, a very unique experience.
Pak Kit Published 617 days ago
This is a must-joined tour in New Zealand. I saw two whales and many dolphins on the sea. The ship was beautiful, comfortable and modern as well. The crew was helpful and funny. I know that seeing whale totally depends on luck, but the crew really tried their best and ended up showed us what we really craved for. Well done and high recommended.
Yuen Kwan Houston Published 627 days ago
Absolutely 100% must do in Kaikoura. The tour is very well organised and they will drive the boat to where the dolphins are and let you swim with the dolphins in the open ocean up to 5 times. We were swimming with hundreds of dolphins, it was insanely amazing. Seeing the dolphins do all sort of jumps and flips in the open ocean is definitely the highlight of my NZ trip.