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Palace and Temple Guide

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Seoul Historic Walking Tour

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Half Day & Whole Day Biking Tour in Seoul

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Thi Published 113 days ago
I'm so glad I booked this tour. I really recommend this tour for everyone who's in Korea without a car. All of these locations (I booked all 4 locations) are very far from Seoul and in the mountains so booking a taxi from destination to destination is impossible (my friends were stuck in petite france for over an hour because there were no taxis available). My tour guide was Tim and he was super kind and patient with us! The whole process was very simple and we loved all the personal time we had for ourselves. He picks us up, drop us off at the locations, gave us and hour or two to explore everything, picked us up again to go to another location. We started from 7:20am to 7:40pm and it wasn't tiring at all because Tim gave us so much tome to rest in the car. He was super lenient with the time too, he'd give us extra time if we wanted to explore longer. For this tour, you really don't have to care about anything when you're on this tour because everything is ready for you, you just have to go. All the places are super gorgeous, the sightseeing, if you love nature I really recommend.
Pei Lyen Christine Published 121 days ago
The day started really early in the morning, but it was well planned and not too rushed. Overall, a full day of walking around but was very worth to do since I've not been to any of the places before. Planning for it on my own would have been too much effort, so this package made it way easier to tick off these places of interest on my to-do.
AI HWA Published 183 days ago
Meetup at Myeongdong was a breeze. Tour guide was friendly and helpful. However, it was a rainy day! Dampened quite a bit of mood, plus it's cold in winter. Petite France was a nice petite place but due to rain, we didnt explore the place well. I love Nami Island but due to rain, we did a quick walk and spend most of the time in the cafe there. Very relaxing island! We were lucky that the rain stopped completely for us to totally enjoyed the Rail Bike. Highly recommend this rail bike. The view was fantastic and it was so fun!
Hui En Published 223 days ago
Very convenient to visit 3 different places. We had a free and easy walk around nami island and garden of morning calm. Honestly both nami island and garden of morning calm were pretty and nice to walk around, but there is also nothing much, just a place to take photos. Visiting the place once is enough for me. Lunch that was recommended by tour guide was horrible (the dakgalbi place). We couldn’t finish it.. I suggest for you to find food at another restaurant.
Kai Tong Published 239 days ago
This was a really well-planned and enjoyable tour! The Garden of Morning Calm is so beautiful and a very nice place to take photos🌸 loved the scenery at the Gangchon Rail Bike and Nami Island too🌲sufficient amount of time planned for each activity/ destination and transport arrangements were also very well made, would highly recommend this tour!