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Why people love Yilan

Published 293 days ago
The eldest brother is very knowledgeable, knows Yilan very well, and introduces very clearly! There are pregnant women in the car and it is very considerate, and will help to open the door when getting on and off the car! Very recommended! Will also take the initiative to help take a group photo! Great!
Yu San
Published 241 days ago
This trip is mainly to Yilan Taiping Mountain. The driver Xiao Gao is very caring, knowing that there are not many food choices on the mountain, so he helps prepare Chinese food in advance. Back in the city, I took us everywhere to buy authentic Yilan specialty products, which were very delicious. Very happy day trip.
Published 137 days ago
Two days and one night activities in Yilan, attractions and restaurant locations rely on Gogoro to move with peace of mind! You can see the big goal from afar, and there is a battery exchange station outside of the all-union, which is very convenient! The storage box space is also good, put the next top Full safety helmet and raincoat can also put a baggage on the backpack
Published 77 days ago
The ticket is easy to pick up and the price is favorable. The seats are not as spacious as Hexinhe United. The front passenger tilts the back of the seat slightly and hits the knee of the rear passenger, but it is only an hour away from Yilan. I thought it was a direct Yilan transfer station, but I didn’t expect that there would be Taipei Station, Science and Technology Building Station, Zhuangwei Station, etc., which took longer than expected. It is recommended to remind customers on the description page.

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