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Guam is a small island in the Pacific famous for its military bases, colonial forts, and historical remnants from World War II. The island is also a favorite far-flung destination for travelers from East Asia and mainland USA. The tourist attractions on the island are mostly found outdoors, such as resorts and beaches.

Puntan Dos Amantes (Two Lovers Point)

Puntan Dos Amantes or locally known as the Two Lovers Point is a popular seaside cliff that overlooks Northern Tumon Bay and the Philippine Sea. The cliff got its name from a local folktale that recounts the death of two forbidden lovers. At 110m high, Puntan Dos Amantes is a perfect viewpoint to witness the magnificent sunset on the island. The site is also a popular wedding venue for local and foreign couples.
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UnderWater World

UnderWater World is one of the most visited tourist spots in Guam. Opened to the public in 1999, UnderWater World has more than 2,000 animals under its care. Aside from attracting thousands of tourists each year, the aquarium is also at the heart of marine life conservation efforts on the island. Some of the notable sights include the 97m tunnel, zebra sharks, and sea turtles.
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Ypao Beach

Located 5km northeast of the island’s capital, Ypao Beach is one of the most visited sites in Guam. Famous for its crystal clear waters and coral reefs, the beach is visited by thousands of travelers each year. Nestled within a protected marine reserve, the beach is a laid-back destination for tourists who seek a more relaxing trip on the island. Ypao Beach is perfect for fun and wholesome activities such as snorkeling, sandcastle building, and roasting delicious meals for family picnics.
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Fish Eye Marine Park (Visitor Center)

Fish Eye Marine Park is one of the best spots in Guam to witness the diverse marine ecosystem of the island. The park has well-suited activities that allow solo and group travelers to discover the vibrant coral reefs within the area. One of the most visited attractions in the park is its underwater observatory. From there, visitors can comfortably spot yellow butterflyfishes, snappers, and trumpet fishes.
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